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Four Stages of Application Modernization

Four Stages of Application Modernization author sourabhhajela On: 12/01/2011 Views: 6001

This presentation describes the four stages of the application modernization process.

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A Pragmatic Approach to Application Modernization

This presentation discusses a business focused approach to application modernization in the context of IT governance and application portfolio management.

Application Modernization Strategy

This white paper discusses four strategic options available for legacy application, modernization and using service oriented architecture (SOA), and the five steps in re-engineering to modernize legacy applications.

Architecture-Driven Modernization Guide

This presentation provides an in-depth overview of the architecture driven modernization approach of the Object Management Group (OMG). It introduces the key concepts in architecture driven modernization aka Architecture driven modernization 101, dis...

Legacy Application Modernization Best Practices Framework

This research study provides insights into the best practices for SOA migration and discusses a capability framework to assess an organization's maturity in SOA enablement.

Legacy Modernization Alternatives Selection

This whitepaper discusses the rationale for legacy modernization and presents options for implementation - good discussion but requires stepping over some vendor self-promotion.  

Legacy Modernization Beyond SOA

This paper discusses a practical approach to realizing application modernization beyond SOA - beyond simple Web enablement and service-oriented architectures and embracing more recent innovations and technical enablers, such as cloud computing, soft...

Mainframe Modernization

This paper aims to provide "a clear illustration of the process of Mainframe modernization, and why this has an immediate and long term positive effect on both shareholder value and competitive position."

Model Driven Approach to Legacy Application Modernization

This academic thesis proposes a model driven approach to modernizing legacy information systems. The legacy system is first modeled and then this model is converted to a model driven system using model driven engineering i.e. a model is constructed a...

Strategy for Application Modernization

This paper discusses the key factors driving the application modernization decision and proposes an approach to legacy application modernization - "establishing and executing a realistic strategic roadmap that starts from the current state environme...

The Business Value of Legacy Modernization

This paper outlines the business reasons and provides guidance for developing a legacy modernization strategy. 

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