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Marcelo Rodrigues de OliveiraThe life is an amazing adventure

6 hours ago

    Christo AbrahamsYou can only achieve your goal if your attitude is right.

    15 hours ago

      Guillaume BruyasImproving Capital Market and Banking IS through packages

      17 hours ago

        Delfor Chacon CornejoPara estar a salvo nunca hay que sentirse seguro.
        Just to be safe, never feel secure.
        (Czech proverb)

        1 day ago

          Dr. Fekry Fouadwe welcome any participant for the project “Enterprise Architecture
          Moving from Professional Certificates into Academic credentials”
          with TOGAF

          1 day ago

            Dr. Fekry Fouadhi good day
            : EA “Enterprise Architecture” considered as a best practice , for a multi-disciplinary, strategic analysis, we are working on a project "Enterprise Architecture
            Moving from Professional Certificates into Academic credentials”

            1 day ago

              Ike NnajidemmaThe world will be a better place to live if you and I understands that there is more than enough to go round for everyone.

              1 day ago

                John Bayuo WarisaIt is very sensible to continue to update your knowledge everyday

                1 day ago

                  Webmastere-Book - Introduction to IT Governance

                  This document provides an in-depth introduction to information technology governance (IT Governance), and connects it to corporate governance on the one hand, and IT Risk Management on the other. (75 Pages)

                  2 days ago

                  Webmastere-Book - Implementing SOA in the Enterprise

                  This e-book provides an in-depth discussion on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with a focus on implementing it in the enterprise providing real world case studies and examples across industry. An excellent resource for the CIO whether they are starting their journey into SOA or wanting to enhance their business results from an existing implementation. Excellent Read! (100 Pages)

                  2 days ago

                  WebmasterIntroduction to SOA

                  This presentation discusses service oriented architecture and its connection with enterprise architecture planning and systems architecture. Very good read!

                  2 days ago


                  2 days ago

                    WebmasterRunning IT Like a Business

                    This whitepaper discusses the requirements of running IT like a business - what a business driven CIO must do to extract the biggest bang for their IT buck! Good Read!

                    3 days ago

                    WebmasterThe Innovative CIO - How IT Leaders Can Drive Business Value

                    This paper discusses the role a CIO can play in driving business value through innovation - the single best way to get a seat at the table. As the demand grows for the CIO to become business leaders so does the need for a CIO to understand what is means to be a business leader and how to become one. This is an excellent discussion toward that end.

                    3 days ago

                    WebmasterComplete Guide to Developing a Business Strategy

                    This comprehensive guide provides in-depth training on developing a strategy for the business. CIOs must understand the business strategy of their organization so they can enable or even drive it. CIOs can also adapt this training to create a strategic plan for their IT Organization. Excellent Read! (250+ pages)

                    3 days ago

                    tmutsambwaHello world

                    3 days ago

                      WebmasterDigital or Die: The Choice for Luxury Brands

                      It may not be widely recognized as such just yet, but digital technology is probably one of the best things to happen to luxury brands in a long time.

                      4 days ago

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