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WebmasterHow does Leadership Style Affect Employee Performance?

<p>This research investigated the impact of organizational culture and leadership style on employee performance. An excellent study for the CIO who wants to understand how to adjust their style and mold the culture to improve performance. (100 pages)</p>

1 day ago

WebmasterCase Study - How Transformation Leadership Drives Performance

<p>This case study examines the impact of transformational leadership on employee performance. CIOs can learn how to become transformational leaders who create the right employee engagement to product superior performance in the IT Organization. Excellent Read! (100 pages)</p>

5 days ago

Sourabh Hajela

Added 1 new video in "Managing IT for Shareholder Value (Presenter Sourabh Hajela)" gallery. View gallery

1 week ago

    Sourabh Hajela

    Added 1 new video in "Enterprise Architecture Planning" gallery. View gallery

    1 week ago

      WebmasterMeasuring Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Implementation Success

      <p>This paper presents a best practices based framework to measure outcomes from Project Portfolio Management (PPM) implementations. An excellent tool to ensure success of PPM initiatives.</p>

      1 week ago

      Webmastere-Book: A Framework for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Tool Comparison and Selection

      <p>This in-depth document discusses Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and introduces a framework to compare, evaluate, and select a tool for EAI. Excellent Discussion! (100 pages)</p>

      1 week ago

      WebmasterEmerging Role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

      <p>This article discusses the rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) - what is it and why is it gaining traction.</p>

      1 week ago

      Solomon WelleCurrently working on a focused direction into ICT services & Humanitarian participation in an emergency response environments. a cost shared approach would work.

      1 week ago

        WebmasterUnderstanding the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Role (2016)

        <p>This annual study focuses on the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role. It collects valuable information on the adoption of the CDO role - which companies have a CDO? who do they report to? what do they do? A very good discussion on the rise of the CDO role.&nbsp;</p>

        1 week ago

        WebmasterChief Information Security Officer Role is in Focus Again

        <p>This paper discusses the renewed focus on the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - new and rapidly evolving threats require a vigorous response that this role is designed to provide. Then come the related questions: what are the responsibilities of this role? who do they report to? Good read.</p>

        1 week ago

        WebmasterCIO Survey (2017)

        <p>This annual survey tracks CIO priorities, trends, and opportunities. This year&#39;s theme is rapid change and uncertainty and their&nbsp;impact on the IT organization and by extension the CIO role. Good discussion.</p>

        1 week ago

        WebmasterA Process for Managing Innovation Using a Portfolio Approach

        <p>This paper introduces a portfolio based approach for innovation management. Excellent discussion for the CIO to understand how to use Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to improve returns on their innovation efforts both within and outside the IT Organization. (100+ Pages)</p>

        1 week ago

        WebmasterA Framework for Effective Project Governance

        <p>This report presents a framework for effective project governance and control combining both hard (processes and tools) with soft (people and culture) factors. Excellent Read! (100 Pages)</p>

        2 weeks ago

        Yafang Liwhat's the role of IT capability on selecting a Cloud services

        2 weeks ago

          Dr. Victor MugliaBusiness Transformation

          2 weeks ago

            WebmasterA Framework for Enterprise Architecture Driven Business Transformation

            <p>This paper presents a framework for business transformation enabled by enterprise architecture modeling and management. It positions enterprise architecture as the strategic planning tool for business transformation with EA Models capturing the state of the enterprise along the journey. Excellent Read! (100 pages)</p>

            3 weeks ago

            WebmasterEnterprise Architecture Project Charter Example

            <p>This document presents an example project charter for enterprise architecture planning. It details the key componenets of the enterprise architecture planning process and can be used as a template to plan out your EA implementation plan. Excellent Read!</p>

            3 weeks ago

            Webmastere-Book - Business Value Driven Application Portfolio Management Case Study

            <p>This document describes a business value driven framework for application portfolio management and uses it to rationalize the application portfolio of a major company. An excellent example of how to use APM in the enterprise. MUST Read!&nbsp;<br />
            (150 pages)</p>

            3 weeks ago

            WebmasterSecurity Policies Example

            <p>This document presents an example of security policicies implemented at the enterprise level. Excellent template for a CIO to craft policies to secure their own organization.&nbsp;</p>

            3 weeks ago

            WebmasterApplication Portfolio Management Framework Case Study

            <p>This document describes a framework for application portfolio management and uses it to rationalize the application portfolio of a major company. An excellent example of how to use APM in the enterprise. MUST Read!&nbsp;<br />
            (150 pages)</p>

            4 weeks ago

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