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Sourabh HajelaWhat did we miss in this description of Application Modernization?

8 hours ago

    Sourabh HajelaBusiness Architecture page on the CIO Wiki. Looking forward to your feedback:

    8 hours ago

      Sourabh HajelaUpdated the page on Enterprise Mobility on the CIO Wiki - what do you think?

      8 hours ago

        David Nguyen Huyen Linhi am David Nguyen

        11 hours ago

          Sidique HamidGovern what you dear most, so that what you dear most is safeguarded

          20 hours ago

            LUIS STABILEI am at ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico Buenos Aires), in charge of a Center addressed to the subjects of Business Models, Business Process, and Enterprise Architecture.

            2 days ago

              WebmasterWhat a CEO Wants from Their CIO?

              This presentation discusses the evolving role of the CIO - from head of the IT function to a business leader, the journey has taken many twists, and turns - , how the CIO role is being shaped by the CEO's requirements, and what is the current CIO Role, and its responsibilities. An excellent discussion on a topic that should be of interest to every CIO!

              3 days ago

              Webmaster5 Skills CEOs Prize In CIOs

              You want to be a CIO? The road to the top isn't about what you want. It's about fulfilling the expectations of your boss and peers.

              3 days ago

              WebmasterCloud Computing Key Stakeholder Communication

              This paper provides guidance on communicating with key stakeholders so the Cloud Computing team has organizational buy-in - which is critical for the success of any initiative, especially something like Cloud Computing that cuts both wide, and deep. Timely, precise, open, clear, and honest communication is the foundation for success of any initiative - a critical area of success overlooked by the IT team. Learn what it takes to build a lasting partnership with the business.

              3 days ago

              WebmasterCloud Computing Metrics

              This paper suggest key performance indicators for cloud computing that help measure progress along the way. Metrics are critical on the Cloud Computing journey because they help you, your team, and key stakeholders understand the progress made along the roadmap. Success is important, clear, and transparent means of verifying it are priceless! Use this paper to understand how to measure success, and create KPIs that work in your environment - what they are, how will you collect information to enable them, and the hooks at each stage of the roadmap that must be baked in before your start!

              3 days ago

              WebmasterCloud Computing Competencies

              This paper lays out the core competencies required for successful implementation of a cloud computing capability. It explains what they are, and why they are needed. Use this paper to understand the skills your cloud computing team needs, the gaps that exist with your current teams' competencies, then create a plan to acquire, and deploy these competencies along the cloud computing roadmap.

              3 days ago

              WebmasterCreate a Cloud Computing Implementation Road Map

              This paper recommends a roadmap for cloud computing implementation laying out the steps, and at each the objectives, challenges, skills, and competencies, and metrics to measure progress. Use this roadmap to understand the cloud computing journey, and chart out a course for your IT Organization. 

              4 days ago

              WebmasterIntroduction to Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

              This presentation provides a look at the history, evolution, and common components of key enterprise architecture frameworks. CIOs who want to get an idea of what EA frameworks are out there, and their basic elements will find this discussion very helpful. 

              5 days ago

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