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    IT Governance Example

    On: 05/24/2016 Views: 163
    This is a detailed example of IT governance implementation in the enterprise. It provides the framework, process, roles, organization, policy, and steps used to implement project/investment governance in the organization. CIOs can use this an a templ...

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    Information Technology Governance Guide

    On: 05/17/2016 Views: 262
    This guide provides step by step guidance on planning for, and implementing a comprehensive information technology Governance Plan (IT Governance Plan) for the enterprise. The salient feature of this guidance is the focus on integrating key IT proces...

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    Primer on IT Governance

    On: 05/10/2016 Views: 124
    A very good introduction to information technology governance (IT Governance) - definition, justification, benefits, frameworks, implementation considerations. MUST Read! 

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    Creating Business Value Using ITIL

    On: 05/10/2016 Views: 256
    This presentation provides an excellent overview of ITIL, and discusses creating an integrated service management process, and architecture to extract the real value from ITIL. The hype around ITIL is deafening - this discussion helps sort through th...

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    Introduction to IT Governance

    On: 04/26/2016 Views: 200
    This presentation provides an in-depth introduction to information technology governance (IT Governance). What is it governance? Why is IT Governance important? How to create effective IT Governance? These questions, and more are answered in a very i...

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    Introduction to COBIT 5

    On: 02/25/2016 Views: 625
    This presentation provides an in-depth introduction to the COBIT Framework in the context of IT Governance - what is COBIT, and why is it essential to effective IT Governance? Excellent Read! (100 slides)

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    IT Governance Framework

    On: 02/25/2016 Views: 610
    This paper presents an integrated governance, risk, and compliance framework. This framework merges elements of industry standard governance, risk, and compliance frameworks to create a connected model to govern IT. 

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    Why Projects Fail?

    On: 02/13/2016 Views: 594
    Why do projects fail i.e. cost more, and/or deliver less? Is it overly optimistic projections that make realistic results bad? Or are there other reasons for project failure? This paper presents research that hypothesizes that politics and "unknown u...

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    A Guide to Risk Management Frameworks

    On: 02/08/2016 Views: 446
    This report identifies, analyzes, and compares key risk management frameworks. The analysis is done using a framework for risk management frameworks - what should a risk management framework do, ideally? what are the elements that are required to per...

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    A Framework for Application Portfolio Rationalization

    On: 01/11/2016 Views: 654
    This paper presents a framework and approach for application portfolio management. This framework leverages enterprise architecture planning to create more value from application portfolio management. It uses lessons learned from different APM method...

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