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IT Governance is defined as a process  to ensure that an organization's technology capability supports its business strategy to realize its business goals while focusing on maximizing value for its shareholders.

According to the IT Governance Institute; "IT governance is the responsibility of the board of directors and executive management. It is an integral part of enterprise governance and consists of the leadership and organizational structures and processes that ensure that the organization’s  IT sustains and extends
the organization’s strategies and objectives" 

Ownership of IT Governance may be attributed to either the CIO or the CFO. Most corporations today have formed a committee that assumes the responsibility for IT Governance. 

In order for a business to succeed  in this global economy it must use information technology effectively, particularly with reference to its governance.  An effective IT Governance framework plays a  crucial role in the management of strategic and operational risk and compliance. It is therefore an imperative for a business to develop and implement a governance strategy and structure. Managers and executives  from both IT and business departments should contribute to the IT Corporate Governance strategy.

IT Governance Knowledgebase

IT Governance chapter in the CIO Index Desk Reference is a comprehensive knowledge-base on the topic.
  1. What is Information Technology Governance (ITG)?, The definition of  IT Governance. A clear definition of governance is the first step to creating a technology governance plan.
  2. IT Governance frameworks :  A complete listing of key IT Governance frameworks (COBIT, ITIL, COSO etc.), helpful information on each, and their selection and comparison
  3. IT Governance Implementation Guides: find out how to create and implement a technology governance plan for your organization
  4. Articles on IT Governance, IT Governance Models
  5. IT Governance Tools and IT Governance Templates, IT Governance Samples and Examples
  6. IT Governance Case Studies and IT Governance Best Practices

Members are free to download IT Governance powerpoint presentations, excel spreadsheets, adobe pdf files, word documents (login required), and view webinars on IT Governance and related topics.

IT Governance Events

Learn from IT Governance experts by attending one of our webcasts. Please view a listing of upcoming events on Technology Governance and related technology management topics on the CIO  Events page

IT Governance Training

CIO Index provides cutting edge IT Governance training and certification in collaboration with the American Institute of Management and Information Technology (A.I.M.IT). Please view a complete list of courses and curriculum on the CIO training page.

IT Governance Experts

Planning on collaborating with IT Governance experts? Looking for consultants IT Governance (ITG) to help you establish an IT Governance Structure for your organization? CIO Index has compiled a list of experts who specialize in IT Governance. Feel free to contact them directly. Members may also view the profiles of and directly contact the IT Governance experts listed using in-messaging. 

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Why Cobit 5?

CIOs can choose from many different information technology governance frameworks. So which one should they pick? This paper highlights the salient features of Cobit 5 and makes the case for its selection and implementation as THE IT Governance framew...

IT Governance Model Based on Cobit 5 Framework

This paper presents an information technology governance model based on Cobit 5 framework. This IT Governance Model or Framework is created to enable enterprise strategy, vision, mission, and goals. The paper introduces Cobit 5, and applies it to cre...

Case Study - Implementing IT Governance Using Cobit and ITIL

This presentation discusses the rationale for selecting and highlights the key steps in the implementation of IT Governance using Cobit 5 and ITIL. This case study provides an excellent introduction to two key IT Governance frameworks namely, ITIL an...

Implementing IT Governance Using Cobit 5 Framework

This guide provides a comprehensive introduction (~100 pages) to the Cobit 5 framework and guidance on its application to IT governance in the enterprise. An organization creates and uses information as a strategic asset. Governance of this asset is ...

Introduction to Cobit 5

This paper provides a quick reference to the Cobit 5 Framework developed by ISACA. It introduces Cobit, discusses the history of development of the framework, benefits, principles, domains and processes, implementation and changes from COBIT 4.1. An ...

Case Study: IT Governance Implementation Model

This case study discusses the evaluation and selection of an information technology governance model for an enterprise. An excellent description of the IT governance model selected for implementation is provided which can be used as a framework or te...

Case Study: IT Governance Implementation

This excellent case study depicts the information technology governance framework and model implemented at an enterprise level. What elements are important? How are they implemented? what do they look like? An excellent place for a CIO to start or mo...

Case Study: Implementing IT Governance Using COBIT

This paper discusses the key elements of implementing information technology governance using COBIT. A surface scan of COBIT implementation, at best, but a good place for a CIO to get an overview of what to expect. 

IT Governance Maturity Assessment Using COBIT

This case study details the use of COBIT IT Governance Framework to assess the effectiveness of technology governance implementation in an enterprise. The framework was used to assess the maturity of IT governance which can be used to create a plan t...

IT Governance Maturity Assessment Using COBIT

This case study details the use of COBIT IT Governance Framework to assess the effectiveness of technology governance implementation in an enterprise. The framework was used to assess the maturity of IT governance which can be used to create a plan ...
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