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Latest Articles on CIO Index

The Future of Enterprise Architecture Tools

This in-depth (150 pages) report details the future of enterprise architecture tools. It synthesizes key industry, business and technology trends and evaluates the key enterprise architecture tools' ability to meet the requirements set by them. Where...

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

This presentation (50+ pages) provides a business context for enterprise architecture. The purpose of enterprise architecture cannot be understood in isolation - one must understand the emerging business/industry trends, how IT is being used to lever...

Using IT to Create Competitive Advantage

This guide to IT Strategy provides an in-depth (125 pages) discussion on using IT for competitive advantage. CIOs can learn how to create an IT capability for business value - why is IT critical to business success, and how to create processes, organ...

Enterprise Architecture Presentation

This powerpoint presentation on enterprise architecture provides a useful training and guide to understand and implement EA in your organization. (100 Pages)

IT Strategic Plan Example

This information technology strategy highlights developing a vision for IT, creating a strategic mapping against it, identifying projects to implement IT transformation, and creating a migration plan to achieve business benefits. Use this IT strategy...

IT Strategy Sample

This information technology strategy provides a process to create an IT strategy, develop a vision for IT, identify guiding principles, assumptions, mission, goals and create the strategic implementation plan. It also discusses the governance require...

IT Strategy Example

This information technology strategic plan provides an example of using IT to support the organization's vision, and create a roadmap to plan IT transformation. The CIO and the business can identify priorities, plan a migration strategy,  and assess ...

IT Investment Framework

This information technology investment framework provides the key criteria to consider when making decisions about IT investments. An IT investment framework is used to ensure maximum returns on every dollar spent on IT - to get the biggest bang for ...

IT Strategy Example

This information technology strategic plan provides an in-depth sample of the use of technology to further the organization's agenda. It supports business transformation by assessing emerging technologies, and how ICT should respond to leverage them ...

Technology Strategic Plan Template

This paper introduces a template to develop a corporate-wide, comprehensive strategic plan for information technology (IT) with a focus on the design, purchase, lease, maintenance and use of ICT that is accessible to and usable by people with disabil...
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