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Latest Articles on CIO Index

IT Strategy and Governance Plan

This report presents an excellent example of a complete strategic plan for information technology organization. It combines and connects information technology strategy - goals, objectives, plan etc. - with information technology governance and IT fi...

IT Strategy Example

This information technology strategic plan provides an example of setting strategic goals and performance measurements to assess progress against them. This report also contains pointers on how to connect IT strategy with business strategy - importan...

IT Strategic Plan Example

This information technology strategic plan provides a good example of strategic goal setting and provides a simple assessment of progress against prior year's goals. Good place to start if you want to understand how to set goals for your IT organiza...

Case Study - Information Technology Strategic Planning Assessment

This report details the progress against an IT strategic plan - delivery against the promise. This is an excellent example of assessing results after an IT strategy has been implemented to verify assumptions, ascertain progress against goals and gle...

Enterprise Architecture Case Study

This in-depth case study (~250 pages) provides a step by step guide to implementing enterprise architecture in the enterprise using the TOGAF enterprise architecture framework. This EA example can be used as a sample or template to create an enterpri...

Why Cobit 5?

CIOs can choose from many different information technology governance frameworks. So which one should they pick? This paper highlights the salient features of Cobit 5 and makes the case for its selection and implementation as THE IT Governance framew...

IT Governance Model Based on Cobit 5 Framework

This paper presents an information technology governance model based on Cobit 5 framework. This IT Governance Model or Framework is created to enable enterprise strategy, vision, mission, and goals. The paper introduces Cobit 5, and applies it to cre...

Case Study - Implementing IT Governance Using Cobit and ITIL

This presentation discusses the rationale for selecting and highlights the key steps in the implementation of IT Governance using Cobit 5 and ITIL. This case study provides an excellent introduction to two key IT Governance frameworks namely, ITIL an...

Implementing IT Governance Using Cobit 5 Framework

This guide provides a comprehensive introduction (~100 pages) to the Cobit 5 framework and guidance on its application to IT governance in the enterprise. An organization creates and uses information as a strategic asset. Governance of this asset is ...

Introduction to Cobit 5

This paper provides a quick reference to the Cobit 5 Framework developed by ISACA. It introduces Cobit, discusses the history of development of the framework, benefits, principles, domains and processes, implementation and changes from COBIT 4.1. An ...
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