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Latest Articles on CIO Index

The Knowledge Driven CIO

The author makes the case for a fundamental shift in the Chief Information Officer (CIO) mindset - one that does not practice IT for IT's sake but uses IT to deliver business value. The delivery of business value cannot happen with the current IT Org...

The New CIO

What are the expectations of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role? What must the CIO do to meet these expectations? This article discusses the imperatives for the CIO to remain relevant in the 21st century. It lays out the criteria for success in...

How Does Corporate Culture Affect the CIO Role?

This research studied the specific issues facing the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role, how the corporate culture affects their ability to deliver value, and how the alignment between CEO expectations and their understanding of these expectations ...

Value Driven CIO

Chief Information Officers (CIO) are expected to add value. So, is there a profile of a CIO who adds value (versus one that does not!)? The authors' research delves into the factors governing a CIO's ability to drive and deliver value. Excellent r...

Chief IT Risk Officer

What role does a Chief Information Officer (CIO) play in managing Information Technology (IT) risk? This research study discusses the role of the CIO in managing IT risk, the factors affecting an IT organization's risk management strategies and capab...

CIO CTO Role Definition

This article discusses the division of responsibility between the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The role and responsibility of the CTO is discussed in detail.

Introduction to Disaster Recovery Planning

This paper introduces disaster recovery planning (DRP) and explains its relationship with Business Continuity Planning.

Disaster Recovery Plan Template

This document provides general guidelines to develop a disaster recovery plan (DRP) - a practical approach to contingency planning and risk management. This document can be used as a template to create your own disaster recovery plan.

Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

This paper discusses a step-by-step approach to disaster recovery planning and provides templates to help create the plan.

Disaster Recovery Planning Guide

This guide provides a step-by-step approach to create a disaster recovery plan. It can be used as a template to create a DRP for your organization.
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