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Latest Articles on CIO Index

    CIO Member: Webmaster1

    IT Governance Example

    On: 05/24/2016 Views: 122
    This is a detailed example of IT governance implementation in the enterprise. It provides the framework, process, roles, organization, policy, and steps used to implement project/investment governance in the organization. CIOs can use this an a templ...

    CIO Member: Webmaster1

    Strategic Technology Planning Sample

    On: 05/23/2016 Views: 542
    This detailed strategic IT planning sample provides an excellent example of building a future IT capability of the strength of current achievements. It evaluates progress made, identifies opportunities for improvement, and charts a course for future ...

    CIO Member: Webmaster1

    Introduction to Strategy Driven Enterprise Architecture Planning

    On: 05/18/2016 Views: 180
    This presentation set provides an in-depth introduction to enterprise architecture planning in support of enterprise strategy implementation. It covers all key aspects of enterprise architecture as strategy - definition, benefits, frameworks, tools, ...

    CIO Member: Webmaster1

    Enterprise Architecture Tool Evaluation Framework

    On: 05/18/2016 Views: 69
    This report evaluates top enterprise architecture planning tools using a capability framework. The conclusion? Do your homework when selecting EA Tools. Requirement definition, use cases, integration with existing toolset, are all equally important c...

    CIO Member: Webmaster1

    Information Technology Governance Guide

    On: 05/17/2016 Views: 256
    This guide provides step by step guidance on planning for, and implementing a comprehensive information technology Governance Plan (IT Governance Plan) for the enterprise. The salient feature of this guidance is the focus on integrating key IT proces...

    CIO Member: Webmaster1

    e-Book - CIOs Guide to Planning, Building, Deploying, and Managing Information Systems

    On: 05/16/2016 Views: 533
    This comprehensive guide provides best practice guidance on the key aspects of planning for, building, deploying, and managing enterprise wide information technology systems. MUST READ! (750 pages)

    CIO Member: Webmaster1

    Improving Business IT Alignment

    On: 05/11/2016 Views: 171
    This presentation demonstrates the chasm between business, and IT, dives into the root causes of mis-alignment, and proposes restructuring the entire IT Organization to create effective business IT alignment. An excellent treatment of business IT ali...

    CIO Member: Webmaster1

    Future of Corporate IT

    On: 05/13/2016 Views: 223
    This presentation issues a call to action for the CIO - lead the change or get swept by it! The discussion focuses on the forces shaping the future of the IT organization, how, and what they are going to change, and how to deal with them - pro-active...

    CIO Member: Webmaster1

    CIO's Leadership Agenda

    On: 05/13/2016 Views: 90
    What lies ahead for corporate IT? How should the CIO anticipate, and deal with this impending change. This presentation - in a very interesting manner - discusses the trends shaping the future of business, the challenges, and opportunities it present...

    CIO Member: Webmaster1

    Framework for Enterprise Architecture Value

    On: 05/11/2016 Views: 221
    This presentation proposes a framework, and approach to measure, and communicate the value of enterprise architecture planning. Enterprise Architects, and even CIOs must know how to measure the value of EA so they can communicate it effectively and g...

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