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Eduardo Pereira

IT Senior Manager


Member Since:
May 20 2014

Saud Sabbar

IT Consultant

Saudi Arabia

Member Since:
May 23 2014

Nick Forte


United States

Member Since:
Dec 11 2012

John Behr


United States

Member Since:
May 20 2015

Sherry Adrian

ITS Director

United States

Member Since:
Mar 16 2015

Julie Bean


United States

Member Since:
Mar 01 2012

Deji Soetan


United Kingdom

Member Since:
Oct 31 2013




Member Since:
Aug 23 2013

Navin Radhalal

Application Integration and Cluster Head

South Africa

Member Since:
May 20 2014

Vish Murali

Director of IT

United States

Member Since:
Apr 12 2014

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CIO Expert Directory


Certified IT Managers

CIO Member: Sue Freeman
Sue Freeman
EA Consultant | South Africa
CIO Member: Riaan Bronkhorst
Riaan Bronkhorst
ICT Governance Manager | Australia
CIO Member: Mohammed Obaidat
Mohammed Obaidat
Vice President - IT | Saudi Arabia
CIO Member: Erikson Lamb
Erikson Lamb
IT Manager | N/A
CIO Member: Dave Shaffer
Dave Shaffer
IT Manager | United States


Recent CIO Training Participants

CIO Member: Sardar Naufil Mahmud
Sardar Naufil Mahmud
CIO | United Arab Emirates
CIO Member: Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas
IT Manager | United States
CIO Member: Katherine Peila
Katherine Peila
Director PMO | United States
CIO Member: Neil Gordon
Neil Gordon
Chief Executive | United Kingdom
CIO Member: David Marks
David Marks
Chief Information Officer | Australia
CIO Member: Bhupendra Mistry
Bhupendra Mistry
CTO | Singapore
CIO Member: Sung Ahn
Sung Ahn
IT Manager | United States
CIO Member: John  Hurley
John  Hurley
| United States
CIO Member: Anique Alam
Anique Alam
CIO | United Arab Emirates
CIO Member: Sridhar Devineni
Sridhar Devineni
| United States