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James Henry

SVP Engineering & Operations


Member Since:
Jul 30 2015

John Atherton


United Kingdom

Member Since:
Jun 21 2011

Charles H Mackey

IT Security

United States

Member Since:
Oct 20 2011

Daniel McGarry

Head of IT, Asia-Pacific


Member Since:
Feb 09 2012

Evan Stamoulis

VP Technical Operations

United States

Member Since:
Jan 31 2013

James Roberts

Sr Director, IT

United States

Member Since:
Jul 08 2015

Mazin Abou-Seido

IT Director


Member Since:
Sep 09 2014

Taphim Zaman

IT System Admin


Member Since:
Jul 22 2015

David May

Enterprise Architect


Member Since:
Oct 14 2013

Hellmut Ometzberger

Senior Manager

United States

Member Since:
Jun 11 2015

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CIO Expert Directory


Certified IT Managers

CIO Member: Sue Freeman
Sue Freeman
EA Consultant | South Africa
CIO Member: Riaan Bronkhorst
Riaan Bronkhorst
ICT Governance Manager | Australia
CIO Member: Mohammed Obaidat
Mohammed Obaidat
Vice President - IT | Saudi Arabia
CIO Member: Erikson Lamb
Erikson Lamb
IT Manager | N/A
CIO Member: Dave Shaffer
Dave Shaffer
IT Manager | United States


Recent CIO Training Participants

CIO Member: maureen Mbowe
maureen Mbowe
Assistant manager | Tanzania
CIO Member: Eva Faile
Eva Faile
| United States
CIO Member: Edward Whalen
Edward Whalen
Senior Systems Engineer | United States
CIO Member: CIO Index Member
CIO Index Member
CIO | United States
CIO Member: Phillip Stasko
Phillip Stasko
| United States
CIO Member: Sardar Naufil Mahmud
Sardar Naufil Mahmud
CIO | Pakistan
CIO Member: Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas
IT Manager | United States
CIO Member: Katherine Peila
Katherine Peila
Director PMO | United States
CIO Member: Neil Gordon
Neil Gordon
Chief Executive | United Kingdom
CIO Member: David Marks
David Marks
Chief Information Officer | Australia

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