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CIO Member: Carlo Cerliani
Carlo Cerliani
Gloabl IT Services Manager - IT Operations Director
AGT International GmbH

Member Since: May 07 2015
CIO Member: darren shearsby
darren shearsby
chief architect
compass australia

Member Since: Oct 16 2014
CIO Member: Simon Lykkegaard Petersen
Simon Lykkegaard Petersen

Member Since: Feb 09 2016
CIO Member: Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson
Security and Audit Officer
Disability Services Commission

Member Since: Sep 25 2013
CIO Member: Naushad Mohammed
Naushad Mohammed
IT Manager
Neuro Spinal Hospital
United Arab Emirates

Member Since: Jun 07 2011
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CIO Experts

CIO Member: Peter White
Peter White
Program Manager
Flavour Solutions Pty Ltd
CIO Member: Jean Bernard Mathias
Jean Bernard Mathias
Enterprise Architect
MMI International Health
South Africa
CIO Member: David Fritzke
David Fritzke
Director of Global Technologies, CIO
ASQ, Inc
United States
CIO Member: Michelle Teufel
Michelle Teufel
Global Director of Information Management
Premier Farnell, Plc
United Kingdom
CIO Member: simone bruschi
simone bruschi
Head of Online Technology

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