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Jennifer Hauschildt


United States

Member Since:
Apr 16 2015

akhilesh chaturvedi

Principle Architect


Member Since:
Apr 11 2011

Jack Cash

Head of CI

United Kingdom

Member Since:
Apr 15 2015

Curtis Adair

Chief Operating Officer


Member Since:
Apr 10 2013

William  Hopkins


United States

Member Since:
Apr 14 2015

Chris Tolman

CIO Liaison/Enterprise Architect

United States

Member Since:
Apr 14 2014

Bertin Chouanmo Njo

Application Architect

South Africa

Member Since:
Jan 28 2015

Robert Gueits Jr.

Director, IS Strategy & Governance

United States

Member Since:
Nov 19 2014

Paul Heller

Chief Technology Officer

United States

Member Since:
Apr 12 2015


Principal Architect

United States

Member Since:
Aug 21 2010

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CIO Expert Directory


Certified IT Managers

CIO Member: Sue Freeman
Sue Freeman
EA Consultant | South Africa
CIO Member: Riaan Bronkhorst
Riaan Bronkhorst
ICT Governance Manager | Australia
CIO Member: Mohammed Obaidat
Mohammed Obaidat
Vice President - IT | Saudi Arabia
CIO Member: Erikson Lamb
Erikson Lamb
IT Manager | N/A
CIO Member: Dave Shaffer
Dave Shaffer
IT Manager | United States


Recent CIO Training Participants

CIO Member: Michael Carolan
Michael Carolan
Director | Australia
CIO Member: David Young
David Young
Lead Associate | United States
CIO Member: David Young
David Young
Enterprise Architect | United States
CIO Member: Rupert Penzinger
Rupert Penzinger
President | Canada
CIO Member: Reza HASNI
Regional IT Infrastructure Manager - Asia | Singapore
CIO Member: mark smith
mark smith
senior architect | United States
CIO Member: Owen Nicklin
Owen Nicklin
| Canada
CIO Member: Laura Gripka
Laura Gripka
Manager Business Analysis/Functional Architecture | United States
CIO Member: Ashok Bhatt
Ashok Bhatt
Director, IT | Canada
CIO Member: John Bourke
John Bourke
Director | United Kingdom