The New Generation IT Operating Model – The Service Oriented IT Operating Model

Thanks Martha Heller at Heller Search Associates brought my attention to the discussion on The New IT Operating Model, which is mostly associated with the current trend of Service Orientation. It is a good topic to discuss, especially in a more comprehensive manner for its practical reason.


Also, during current economic downturn, this effort can get folks prepared for the upcoming leap. Mark Settle, CIO of BMC Software presented a Broker/Integrate/Orchestrate model at Forbes online, and Richard Barton of PA Consulting presented a Service-Based IT Operating Model at @CIOPortfolio with emphasis on Service Portfolio. These are good stimulation to the discussion, and both articles contributed as a part of the story for the Service-Oriented IT Operating Model.

My take is: A Service-Oriented IT Operating Model should be based on a Service-Oriented IT Architecture, more precisely, a Service-Oriented IT Operating Model should be part of a Service-Oriented IT Architecture. We know that models are what architecture creates, which include static models for the descriptions of components, structures and relationships; and dynamic models for the descriptions of operations and processes, where the dynamic models are built and operated on top of the static models. This new IT operating model is part of the "new paradigm" or "paradigm shift" in IT that we are talking about these days.

More details can be found in this whitepaper.

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