SOA: a named peril fraught with risk!

Technology gets a bad name because some of us cannot get over the urge to get on the latest bandwagon. As leaders, we should have a special aversion to the "flavor of the month" - if you haven't, please cancel your membership to that club.

SOA is the latest buzz word to sell subscriptions to magazines, sell seats at conferences and make money for consultants. SOA is old wine in a new bottle. How old is object oriented programming? How old is CORBA? SOA is older than both.

SOA has tremendous benefits. But jumping into it whole hog is like eating a whole pizza in a bite. Please take a careful look at your situation and then decide the best path to migrate to SOA.

This article serves a timely reminder to the debate on SOA.

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SOA: a named peril fraught with risk! author sourabhhajela



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