Information Technology Strategic Plan Example

This strategic plan example (Federal Government) can be used to create your own IT strategy plan.

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Business Technology Strategic Plan Example

This IT strategy plan is developed and written from a business perspective - what business benefits can IT enable, the key IT capabilities that provide the biggest bang for the buck and how they will be implemented - hence the name: business technolo...

Information Technology Strategic Plan

This document provides a strategic plan for information technology driven by business strategy and customer service objectives. This IT strategic plan sample can be used as a template to create a strategy for your own IT Organization.

Information Technology Strategic Plan Example

This document provides a sample IT strategy plan that can be used as a template or example to create to craft a plan for your IT Organization.

IT Assessment to Drive an IT Cost Optimization Strategy

This comprehensive example demonstrates the process of conducting an IT Assessment and using it to drive a strategic plan for information technology (IT) that optimizes costs while driving the organization's business strategy. (150 pages)

IT Strategic Plan Example

This example describes a process which used cross-functional teams to create a strategic planning for IT. CIOs can learn from the process and the outcome and use it as a template to follow in their own organizations.

IT Strategic Planning Example

This document provides a multi-year plan design for information technology that guides the IT organization's vision, mission, and values and links them with its IT capabilities and maximizes the value delivered from the deployment of technology resou...

IT Strategy Example

This it strategy example can be used to create your own it strategic plan.

IT Strategy Example

This strategic plan provides an example for you to create your own IT strategy. Good discussion on business requirements driving IT capability.

IT Strategy Example

This information technology strategy example provides good pointers for you to create an IT strategic plan for your organization. The document starts with a discussion on the purpose of the strategic plan itself, the underlying strategic planning met...

IT Strategy Example to Improve IT Effectiveness and Efficiency

This in depth example illustrates how strategic planning can help improve the returns on information technology investments i.e. create shareholder value using IT. CIOs can use this to learn how to improve IT efficiency and effectiveness and as a tem...

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