Strategic Plan for Information Technology Example

This strategic plan for information technology example can be used to create your own IT Strategy.

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Business Technology Strategic Plan Example

This IT strategy plan is developed and written from a business perspective - what business benefits can IT enable, the key IT capabilities that provide the biggest bang for the buck and how they will be implemented - hence the name: business technolo...

Comprehensive IT Strategic Planning Example

This comprehensive IT Strategic Planning Example highlights the creation of an IT Strategy Plan driven by the business, for the business in support of the business' requirements. It illustrates all the steps in the strategic planning process, and the...

Five Strategies to Align IT with the Business

What are the strategies to quickly align business with IT? How can a CIO use these strategies in his or her role as a business partner to entice forces in various business and functional units to unite?

Gap Analysis for Information Technology

This gap analysis baselines the current IT environment, identifies gaps in capability, and existing resources required to fill them. The study also serves to establish baseline measures from which to measure progress toward future IT goals and plans...

Information Technology Strategic Plan

This information technology strategic plan provides sample IT Strategic Planning Approach, strategic business priorities, technology drivers, information technology strategies, gap analysis, technology roadmap, and implementation plan that you can us...

Information Technology Strategic Plan Example

This document provides a sample IT strategy plan that can be used as a template or example to create to craft a plan for your IT Organization.

Information Technology Strategy and Plan Example

This IT Strategy example provides guidance on envisioning a future IT capability to enable business value. There is good discussion on IT vision, goals, and guiding principles, and an operating plan for IT. (50+ pages)

IT Strategic Planning Example

This document provides a multi-year plan design for information technology that guides the IT organization's vision, mission, and values and links them with its IT capabilities and maximizes the value delivered from the deployment of technology resou...

IT Strategy Example

This IT Strategic Planning Example details a framework based on creating an IT Capability in support of organizational vision, mission, and goals. CIOs can use this as a template to create an IT Strategy for their organizations.

IT Strategy Example

This it strategy example can be used to create your own it strategic plan.

IT Strategy Plan Example

This strategic plan provides an example of aligning IT initiatives with enterprise priorities. Good read.

Strategic IT Plan Example

This information technology strategic plan (Strategic IT Plan) example demonstrates the use of a survey to gather requirements for an IT Strategy. The issues identified in the survey were used to create the critical drivers for IT to address. A good ...

Strategic IT Plan Example

This detailed IT Strategy Example evaluates the current IT Organization Capability, and proposes solutions to align it with business requirements, and goals. (100 pages)

Strategic Plan for Information Technology Example

This IT plan example demonstrates the use of business drivers, and assessing the impact of, and incorporating emerging technology trends into strategic planning for information technology. (50+ pages)

Your First IT Strategic Plan

This detailed strategic plan covers IT Assessment, Strategic Vision, and Implementation Plan for an organization that did not have a formal IT Strategy. A good example for the CIO who is embarking on the IT Strategy journey for the very first time. (...

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