California Enterprise Architecture Framework

A Statewide Enterprise Architecture Methodology and Technology Standards. Good read.

The California Enterprise Architecture Framework offers an end-to-end process to initiate, implement, and sustain an enterprise architecture program. The framework contains eight components that move the enterprise from the current to the target environment and identifies six key architecture products across four architecture domains - business, data, application and technology.

This framework was developed using criteria such as leveraging work already performed by other groups, compatibility with existing departmental enterprise architecture programs as well as the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework, and using principles to make fully supportable and consistent decisions. The following Enterprise Architecture Principles represent the criteria used to consider potential investment and architectural decisions.

  • Business Drives Information Technology
  • Enterprise Focus
  • Common Business Solutions
  • Data is an Enterprise Asset
  • Secure Enterprise Information
  • Compliance with Statewide Standards
  • Compliance with Law

Lastly, the framework provides an implementation strategy. The strategy utilizes a segment approach that promotes the incremental development of architecture products. This approach focuses on major business areas and is more likely to succeed because the effort is more narrowly defined. This approach provides quick value but also helps gain support for longer-term architecture product development. With the parallel efforts defined in the California State Information Strategic Plan (new state portal, information security, 21st Century Project, etc.) this approach will facilitate the coordination between the Enterprise Architecture development and ongoing projects.

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