Putting Managers to the Test

Can personality and aptitude tests provide employers with actionable information about prospective employees? Is this information reliable enough to make decisions?

Personality tests have been a flavor that has lasted over a month. Korn Ferry has introduced its own version of these tests for middle managers and the business community seems to have taken to them (SUN is one of their customers. Shouldn’t SUN be focused on digging itself out of the hole it is in?)

With the consultant and their sponsors the human resources departments on board these tests are administered with fanfare. If human mind and behavior was that predictable and quantifiable, let us start with testing some of our worst criminals and then expand to various tormentors around the world.

Human beings act and behave based on stimuli in their environment. Events and personalities trigger reactions in people they did not think “normal” for them. Usually these events are themselves out of the ordinary. How do you predict this confluence of events and personalities in a test taken at the time of employment?

Having taken an assortment of these tests – and the ones published in rags on testing the “strength of your marriage” – I believe they tend to simplify something that is not fathomable. Not yet at least.

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