What Motivates Employees?

As I saw the spectacle that the NASA astronaut, Ms. Lisa Nowak, (or as the media types are calling her “astro-nut”) made of herself recently, I could not explain what motivated her to ruin a lifetime of enviable accomplishments.

This is certainly not the first such instance of fall from grace of an otherwise accomplished individual. President Clinton, O.J. Simpson, Secretary Powell and a long list of people before them have all been motivated by things that are a mystery to me.

I understand love, greed, anger etc. are motivators. But what causes a brain freeze so overpowering that someone completely loses sense of reality and being?

On the other hand, there are people like Mr. Wesley Autrey who lose their mind for the good of someone else. Mr. Autrey left his daughters on the platform and jumped on electrified rail tracks and ducked under an oncoming subway train to save a complete stranger. What made him lose his mind?

I buy the explanations given for things that motivated Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, George Washington and Ernest Shackleton, but only marginally.

I am sure you haven’t read this far in the hope of getting the psychoanalysis of these individuals. Without taking up more electrons, I also want to get to the point.

My fascination with motivation is to understand what motivates employees! How can a leader create a team that wants to follow her/him to the bitter end?

Attached is are three articles

1. This article covers the common myths about employee motivation and then provides valuable insights into motivating employees to perform to the best of their ability. Read the article>>

2. This article provides the things that organizations do to negatively affect employee motivation. Read the article>>

3. This article provides the theory on motivation and then discusses a study that compared its results with it. Read the theory on motivation>>

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