Observations on Glassdoor's top CEOs list

Observations on Glassdoor's top CEOs list author Webmaster1 On: 03/25/2013 Views: 35



Last week glassdoor.com, a business social networking site, published its 2013 listing of the top 50 CEOs as rated by their own employees.

The list is always interesting to review. It has limitations of course, for example most users of the site are  US based, so companies in other countries don’t get so much attention.
Here are a few things I noticed:

* There was only one female CEO in this top 50. As a percentage that’s below the 4% representation of women CEOs in the fortune 500

* There are very few manufacturing companies. Services firms of all kinds are well represented.

* A company with dual CEOs is at number 2. The idea of dual CEOs is often questioned, but in this case it seems to be working – for the employees at least.

To get on this top 50 list, your CEO must have a rating of over 80% from more than 100 employees. My own firm has the former, but not the latter.
My suggestion: look up your own company to see how your CEO is rated. If he or she has less than 100 ratings in the last year they won’t appear in the top 50 ranking. However you can still see how well they are doing by comparison.




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