Ask Jeff Brooks if 'Dem Polls Important (Potent Polls)

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Shout out to anyone who can figure out which lyricist the title of blog is tied to. (Hint: His pep talks turn into pep rallies).

Short but sweetie today – my colleague Jeff Brooks and I have been on our grind through the initial round of IT Service Support Tool Vendor Magic Quadrant demos, with a handful more to complete this week. We’ve also been doing our fair share of inquiries, strategic advisory sessions and client engagement days through this first quarter, and while we get together often to discuss client chatter, industry trends and the most recently watched episode of  ”Girls”,  we recognize that there is clearly a need to go out and get more information. To help extend our reach, we have recently launched an IT service desk survey.

We’re after the IT leader buying trends, concerns, and  framework considerations to supplement our research, and we need your help.

Our love doesn’t cost a thing, but we are fully aware that your time is valuable, so for that we would like to offer anyone who completes the survey a Gartner research note of their choosing to be emailed directly to them.

The survey can be found here:

But wait, there’s more! (#BillyMaysVoice)

Jeff Brooks will be attending the SITS2013 show (  in London,  April 23-24. Jeff will establish an official Gartner presence in the Expo Hall, and anyone  interested in a meet up can find him there. In addition to insight, Jeff will be handing out Gartner schwag, while supplies last, and trust me – you don’t want to miss out.  Jeff is also schedule to present and host separate sessions; one of which will be a fiery debate on whether or not ITIL has an expiration date. Surely Jeff didn’t think having that debate in the UK was a great idea, but he informed me that he’s watched enough Jerry Springer to know to duck flying chairs at his head if necessary. Gartner Analyst and UK resident Ian Head will also be in the building, so if things get really dicey, Jeff is covered.

So please – feel free to take the survey, either online or in person at SITS in a few short weeks!

Either way, thank you in advance for your participation!




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