Gartner Introduces the Hype Bicycle

Gartner Introduces the Hype Bicycle author Webmaster1 On: 04/01/2013 Views: 113



Gartner’s popular Hype Cycles are getting a real world accessory: The Hype Bicycletm! Specially designed to help navigate the peaks and troughs that IT managers encounter every day, the Hype Bicycletm is your vehicle for IT success. After last year’s Magic Fractals and the year before’s Real Quadrants,  this new addition to Gartner’s branded research should attract a good deal of attention.

bikeA special cable mount on the front drags you inexorably up that first intimidating climb after the technology trigger. No, there is no way to control the speed, or to get off of the climb unless you encounter one of the rare “obsolete before plateau” dots. Resistance to the pull of the Hype Cycle is futile, but on the Hype Bicycletm at least it is fun!

As you reach the top and cross the peak of inflated expectations, the cable releases and sends you on your way. There are no pedals and no brakes, so you are certain to enjoy the ride. Just make sure you don’t take your hands of the bars and shout “Wheee!”   no matter how tempting that might be. The ride down into the trough of disillusionment starts out fun but can get dangerous.

The momentum created by swooshing down into the trough should be enough to carry you up through the slope of enlightenment and onto the plateau of productivity. You might need to push a bit with your feet, but the Hype Bicycletm is designed to make that easy as well as fun.

So there is no need to treat Hype Cycles as merely an intellectual exercise. Order your Hype Bicycletm today and start riding the technology wave, for real.




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