What If Your Grocery Store Really Knew You?

What If Your Grocery Store Really Knew You?  author Webmaster1 On: 04/01/2013 Views: 100



When we go grocery shopping today, we literally get thousands of messages hurled at us while we shop: displays, shelf tags, sampling, flyers, floor decals, checkout candy racks – the list goes on and on.  All there to get you to notice and buy all types of products. What if you walked in the door and you just received offers and messages for the items and occasions most relevant to you? What if your grocery store really knew you?  Would it make shopping more relevant and maybe more enjoyable? Many people talk about this scenario, but few are explaining how it will work and what is involved.

We call this scenario  “Me Marketing”, and my colleauge Dale Hagemeyer and I just published the second in a series of research notes on the topic of real-time, context-aware offers in consumer goods. We envision a future of highly personalized, context aware offers delivered in store via mobile devices based on your precise location in the store (down to the foot) your purchase behavior, and other factors.  These offers will be generated by a complex technology and analytical ecosystem that draws from a wide assortment of data and insights contributed by you and a host of other unique individuals.  We made our first presentation on the topic at the 2012 Gartner US Symposium and IT Expo in Orlando, FL. In our first published note, “Me Marketing: Get Ready for the Promise of Real-Time, Context-Aware Offers in Consumer Goods” we discussed the possibilities this future represents. Our second note, “Me Marketing: Prepare for the Challenges of Real-Time, Context Aware Offers in Consumer Goods” addresses some of the key barriers to seeing this future realized.  Our goal is to help our consumer goods clients consider how this scenario will impact how they go to market in this and other channels.  This scenario is what Gartner calls  a “Stalking Horse”  - conceptual models used to test out new concepts and stimulate dialogue about them.  We think Me Marketing  is at least five years away in its fully realized form and we invite dialogue on this exciting concept  in these areas:

  • What do you see as the biggest issues from a retailer, manufacturer, or consumer standpoint?
  • What are the implications and possibilities for consumer goods marketing?
  • How likely is this to happen?

 We look forward to a robust dialogue on this topic over the coming months.





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