Network Packet Brokers (NPB) - 1 Year Later

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With covering so many markets within the availability and performance monitoring market I don’t spend nearly enough time writing about and discussing the network packet broker (NPB) market. This is a market once known as intelligent taps, matrix switches, span aggregators, and many other names. We gave the market a name which explains what they do when deployed as part of a network architecture to implement operations and security use cases.

After the extensive landscape we published in 2012, this year we just provided an update on some of the changes in this market. The chips most of these vendors use in their products are similar, the differentiation comes in the software. Regardless for most buyers these products are very similar aside from the form factor options. These are discussed in the research note.

Aside from the technology there have been several acquisitions, consolidation, and new entrants into this market in the past 12 months. The growth being reported by these vendors is still high, with custom hardware driven margins these are solid businesses. The issue is the future is murky, there are many disruptors beginning to take shape. These include the SDN vendors building tapping modules within their controllers and switching vendors building and introducing monitoring technology (such as Arista’s DANZ). These trends will continue, disrupting pure play NPB vendors, which today are driven by hardware and force them to either evolve (software, partnerships, or diversity in the offering) or be replaced.

These are some of the topics discussed in this research, along with summaries of the M&A activity, evolution in the technology and market.

Network Packet Brokers Enable Network Teams to Scale Operational and Security Use Cases –




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