Useless Sales Pitch Slides #1

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#1 of many …

Over the years as an analyst and marketer I have seen too many bad sales pitches from IT vendors.  I’ve found a number of common slide types that appear again and again.  They actually serve no useful purpose.  If you’ve read my research and the recent blog posts you’ll have seen that I aim to help IT marketers and sales people; so, I’m in favour of good sales pitches.  But I hate waste of time and effort; bad selling makes me wince.

Mea culpa: I talk from experience, having also committed many of the “sins” of sales presentations.

The most outstanding useless slide is the one I call the “common differentiators”.  (Thanks to my colleague Jacqueline Heng for that name.) They are commonly used by numerous vendors, do not create differentiation, are vague and often not particularly relevant to the buyers.  Here are the most common ones.

  • Global presence
  • End-to-end offering
  • Solution provider
  • Focused on business value-add
  • Trusted partner for our clients

… and … most importantly, of course …

  • Our people!

We could analyse each point at length, but it’s not really worthwhile.  They are typically mostly meaningless and irrelevant.  They are so common to all sales pitches that they have become white noise washing over the audience. Not only do people ignore them, they actually switch off and miss the unique gems of business value you are undoubtedly about to share with them.

These non-differentiators are rarely substantiated with credible evidence.  An attempt to do so would likely just show up their emptiness anyway.  Even more rarely are they related to the client’s actual need.  They do not help your sales efforts.  Yet I see them still, time and again.

There’s a lot of good material out there on sales presentations.  For the IT industry, I published Marketing Essentials: Creating Effective IT Sales Presentations a few years ago.

 I propose to highlight more useless sales pitch slides I’ve come across in future posts as I continue to research good selling of IT.




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