Learning About Your Customer’s Online Persona

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) May 15, 2007 -- Irving-based Usability Sciences Corporation recently introduced a new solution for creating behavior-based personas for websites. This new solution leverages the corporation's patented WebIQ® technology as well as its industry leading user experience methodologies to deliver superior results. This is the latest addition to Usability Sciences' integrated suite of more than 15 user experience service solutions including online user experience research and lab-based usability testing.

To radically improve the process of behavior-based website persona development, Usability Sciences' methodology begins with collecting data from the actual site visitors to discover their attitudes, intents and behaviors. Using WebIQ®, thousands of site visitors answer questions upon arriving at the site, their click-stream activity is captured while on the site, and then they answer additional questions about their experience upon leaving the site. Using its industry leading Attitudinal Analytics® methodology, Usability Sciences analysts then uncover critical attitudes, intents and behaviors across appropriate segments. This analysis of actual customer behavior is used to identify and create the base set of personas. Usability Sciences then conducts focus groups to round out the demographic and psychographic information for each persona. Finally, Usability Sciences analysts apply its Attitude Modification and Behavior Prediction Models™ to predict the behavior and desires of each persona.

According to Sandy Heilman, former Senior Vice President of Marketing for a leading national hotel chain, Usability Sciences' persona solution provides a cost effective method for discovering the true needs of website customers who transact online. "Because of the Usability Sciences persona solution, we were finally able to determine which modifications were needed for our most important user profiles. Personas provided us with a deep understanding of our online customers. Armed with this critical customer insight, we were better positioned to develop an enhancement plan for our site that could ultimately provide the greatest impact on conversion rates, revenue, and success ratings."

Jeff Schueler, President of Usability Sciences Corporation, added, "A behavior-based methodology greatly reduces the risks inherent in traditional methods of persona development because it uses actual customer behavior data in its persona formulation process. This insures that design decisions are most accurately targeted toward the site's primary user(s) with maximum impact, which can lead to significant increases in revenues, brand loyalty, and other types of conversions."

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