A future in contention

Periodically every industry goes through a shakeup. With the convergence of technologies, cable companies are in a head to head competition with telecom companies. Who would’ve thought that phone services would be delivered over cable! Cable companies in turn were under siege from satellite companies.

So with cable and satellite’s triple bundles – video, telephone and internet – increasingly becoming the norm, telecom companies have to devise ways to compete or find mention in the chapter next to dinosaurs.

Verizon is perhaps the first telecom to jump in head long with its massive investment in network infrastructure upgrade. They have their own triple bundle now.

This article is on the issues and opportunities faced by telecom companies but the lessons are universal:

- Technology convergence will fuel innovation that will challenge established business models

- To compete, current players will have to fundamentally rethink not only their business models but also invest in “creative destruction”

So far, so good!

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A future in contention author sourabhhajela


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