Social Networking Hits Investing

Has social networking come of age? This article presents the social networks at play in the world of investing. Investors taking and getting tips from fellow investors. An ecosystem being constructed for the benefit of the key players - brokerages, investors and companies that need capital.

The advance of social networking is entirely predictable. Human beings are social animals and will always seek ways to interact with other humans. The internet has opened up opportunities to network from the comfort of your home. People are also more comfortable when they are anonymous - so to speak - and hence they will network more online than offline.

The question is: how do you leverage social networking for your business?

Step 1: identify your ecosystem

Step 2: identify your role i.e. if you are a player what is it that you do that is of value to others?

Step 3: create or engage in a social network providing this value. You will in turn get value from others

Simple, isn't it? Well, in that case here is another gem: buy low and sell high!

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