Enabling Cloud Computing with Enterprise Architecture and Governance

This white paper discusses implementing a cloud computing strategy with the big picture in mind - both enterprise architecture and governance play a critical role in cloud computing and must be factored in to achieve business results.

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Enterprise Architecture For Cloud Computing

The authors discuss the use of enterprise architecture patterns to implement cloud computing effectively and efficiently to deliver business results.

Enterprise Architecture For Cloud Computing and Beyond

The rapid pace of technological advances places an imperative on the enterprise architecture practice to adapt. This white paper discusses, for each technology. issues introduced and how to address them using a holistic, governance empowered, enterpr...

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This presentation makes the connection between enterprise architecture and cloud computing. Extending the enterprise architecture management framework to integrate cloud computing infrastructure and services.

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Vision, Hype, and Reality for Delivering Computing as the 5th Utility

This paper defines cloud computing, provides an architecture for creating market oriented clouds, discusses market-based resource management strategies, proposes creating global cloud exchanges, and presents some representative cloud platforms.

Vision, Hype, and Reality of Cloud Computing

This presentation discusses cloud computing and related paradigms - definition and history of cloud computing, trends in cloud computing, benefits and challenges of cloud computing, cloud computing architecture, and the evolution of cloud computing ...

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Enabling Cloud Computing with Enterprise Architecture and Governance author sourabhhajela


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