HBO to let subscribers download TV shows, movies

It is a great disappointment to see businesses find mention in the chapter next to dinosaurs - despite warnings and ample time, some businesses just fail to adapt. Failure comes because they cannot change their business model till its too late - a new entrant comes in with a better value proposition or the customers just leave. Barnes and Noble learned its lesson from Amazon. Netflix still gives Blockbuster heartburn. Online newspapers are still futzing around to get to a business model that works!

HBO has come to realize that their demographic is online more than it is in front of the tube. So they have introduced a service to download music. The question is: will it work?

WallMart has shut down its movie download. Results for others are still tepid. Is there enough broadband capacity to truly enjoy down loadable movies? In the US, I don't think so.

Were they better off offering their shows through iTunes?

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Posted on 06/05/2009 by

HBO to let subscribers download TV shows, movies author sourabhhajela



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