eBusiness: Online Advertising's New Games

To most advertisers, getting their audiences’ attention is important. To some, getting their audiences’ attention when they are young is equally important.

There are three trends that have caused issues for advertisers.

  1. Web usage has permeated every demographic imaginable – from toddlers to seniors, and everyone in between; from home makers to home breakers and everything left or right of them; everyone and their mother is using the internet.
  2. Broadband has pushed dial up aside.
  3. Traditional media – TV and print – have not exactly disappeared.

So, where should you, the advertiser, be?

Increasingly, there is a realization that people do not “live” in one place. There are no one-dimensional people who just watch TV or visit the web.

Any advertising strategy has to find a way to get to their audience where they are and when they are most amenable to listening to their message.

So, the move to integrate traditional media with the web. Taking the brands built over generations and integrating them with interaction that only the web can provide. This provides a seamless transition for the audience from TV to the web – reducing any dissonance in the audiences mind means they have more attention to give to your message! For the marketer, it provides an excellent opportunity to integrate their message with a fun activity their audience willingly engages in.

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