eMarketing: Ad Reaction?

A reaction can be positive or negative. Which one is your online ad getting?

Advertising is about getting your message across to your audience. Contrary to your run-of-the-mill socialist point of view, ads do not make people buy things; they make people aware of a possible solution to their needs and wants.

A message is lost on someone who does not want to hear it. Why do people ignore some messages and grasp some others? This "selective perception" is the topic of volumes of books and Ph.d theses so we are not going to be able to cover it in a short note. However, one of the reasons we ignore an ad is because we do not like its format. For example, I instinctively close pop-ups. They may be offering world piece for the price of a penny but I am not interested in getting that message from a pop up. Lord knows how many of those infamous blue pills have not been sold because of the message about them coming through SPAM emails. Canadian economy would have been even stronger had it not been for those emails promoting Canadian pharmacies - this despite the fact that Americans can hardly afford health care given that our paychecks are going into the gas tank!

Kidding aside, an eMarketer must pay close attention to online ad formats.

Here is a research study on consumer preferences when it comes to ad format. Any surprises? Not really. But this should serve as a timely reminder to those who have a Ph.D in shotgun marketing.

Read the Study>>

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