Policing the Web

Who is the judge and jury on crime? You decide. Well, maybe not.

Perverts are like weed. They are everywhere. Most non-perverts want to stop them Most perverts also want to stop other perverts - yes, sometimes the person screaming out the loudest about or against something is a hypocrite.

Perversion is relative. One man's pervert is another man's prankster. One woman's pervert is another's naughty jokester.

Well, almost. It wouldn't take a long debate to settle on one universal definition of a pervert - someone who enjoys child pornography.

Now, Verizon, Sprint et al. are going to block web sites that peddle child pornography. Great idea!

Well, almost. Who appointed these provides the judge and jury on this issue? What the the boundaries of this enforcement action/ What is the due process provided to the alleged perpetrators?

What other things can these providers chose to block? Needless to say, this is a slippery slope that should be avoided. I, for one, want these providers to stick to reporting any violation of the law and then let law enforcement to take over.

Let us stick to the rule of law. Judges and juries have a purpose in our society.

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