What services do I get for my membership dues?

We provide five major categories of services namely, social networking, social media, peer-connect, reference and research, and marketing:

1.       Social Networking is FREE except for in-messaging which requires membership

a.       Profile - get discovered; connect with peers, practitioners and subject matter experts

b.      Groups - discuss with peers, practitioners and subject matter experts from around the globe who all share your passion for IT Management

c.       Events - the very best thought leaders present live on thinking about and solving vexing IT Management issues

d.      Wiki - informative articles on IT Management topics

e.      Q&A - seek and provide help to others

f.        Much more...

2.       Additionally, membership provides:

a.       Social Media Author Services - post articles, whitepapers, jobs, events etc. to get noticed and/or grow your business

b.      Peer Connect - a small private advisory group of 12 peers who work with you throughout the year as your trusted confidants and advisors.

c.       Special Interest Groups - a small group of 12 peers who work together to solve a problem

d.      Research Connect - use social networking to find answers to leading edge problems for a fraction of the cost. 12 peers hire an advisory/consultant for custom research on a topic and split the bill for personalized recommendations and guidance

e.      Marketing Services - create a branded business page on CIO index. From banner advertisements to opening your own linked community, our marketing services provide the biggest bang for your buck

f.        Reference Library - Access to a world class reference library of thousands of guides, templates, case studies, samples, presentations on 350+ IT Management topics

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