IT Cost Management in Practice

This paper discusses information technology cost management (IT Cost Management) from both a theoretical and practical perspective. It discusses IT cost management frameworks, and their application in industry.

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An improved method for measuring Total Cost of Ownership of data center and network room physical infrastructure and relating these costs to the overall Information Technology infrastructure

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Cost Benefit Analysis Using WiBe 4.1

This document details the WiBe framework 4.1 to perform cost benefit analysis on IT projects.

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Cost Saving Drivers

Need a list of cost saving drivers? Read On...

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Cutting costs in IT - Lean and mean, or thin and angry?

The pressure is on IT departments to cut costs. But if you came to me with a cost-cutting plan which includes suggestions from various IT experts of: “virtualisation, removing data duplication, WAN optimisation, installing air economisers, and using...

Effective IT Cost Management

This whitepaper discusses using enterprise architecture as a tool for information technology (IT) cost management.

Factoring Risk in Cost Benefit Analysis

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Integrated Activity Based Costing and Economic Value Added Framework

 This paper presents a cost and performance measurement system that integrates the Activity-Based Costing (ABC) method with the Economic Value Added value-based financial performance measure.

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This article explains, in depth, the total cost of ownership (TCO) framework. It describes the benefits of TCO, shows how to apply it to procurement decisions and makes the connection between strategic cost management and TCO analysis. Finally, it pr...

IT Cannot be a Profit Center

Of late, there is a lot of emphasis on IT ROI. While this is commendable, extending this argument to convert the IT Organization into a profit center is taking it to another extreme. For example, are HR, finance, and marketing profit centers? Why no...

IT Chargeback and Cost Transparency

IT Chargeback and cost transparency are simple concepts that are often difficult to implement. The presentation discusses critical success factors for successful implementation such as choosing methodologies that best fit your objectives, applying th...

IT Chargeback for IT Cost Optimization

The presenter argues for taking it chargeback beyond cost reporting to cost optimization:

IT Consolidation and the Bottom Line

There are few more ready means of improving earnings per share than the consolidation and rationalization of IT systems, hardware, networks and other infrastructure. In fact, this isn't about technology at all: It's a business decision with profound...

IT Cost Optimization

This paper presents a framework for cost optimization - reduce spend while maintaining high service and quality.

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Use IT to Reduce Business Costs

The IT function should be at the heart of an organization’s efforts to reduce the cost of conducting business. Here’s what CIOs and other business leaders should focus on.

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