Integrated Enterprise Architecture Planning Framework

This document describes, and provides detailed guidance on implementing an integrated enterprise architecture framework that integrates key IT management disciplines to provide a holistic methodology to help technology drive business value. CIOs can use this framework to implement EA in their organization. (150+ pages)

This integrated enterprise architecture framework provides different tool, and templates to help Business IT Alignment - what is the connection between business, and IT? How to build a better business case for technology investments? How to identify, build, and deploy effective systems, and technologies in the enterprise? How to measure, and monitor technology investments over time?

This framework combines investment lifecycle, business case development, systems development life cycle, business outcome and value measurement, with enterprise architecture planning to create techniques, tools, and templates for planning, developing, deploying, and assessing IT investments.

Download Document: Documents are in common file formats such as Microsoft Word (doc), Powerpoint (ppt), Excel (xls,csv,xlsx), and Adobe pdf.

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This is an indepth overview and primer on the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework. It defines TOGAF, introduces the key concepts, and terms, then goes into the details of the architecture development method. Excellent Read!!  (100 pages)

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This ISE EAF Version 2.0 supersedes ISE EAF Version 1.0 issued August 2007. This newest version of the ISE EAF provides additional structured descriptions of the ISE’s associated business processes, information flows and relationships, services, and ...

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Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF)

 Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF) guide provides a step by step approach to creating an enterprise architecture.

USDA Enterprise Architecture Framework V1

This document provides an overview of the USDA Enterprise Architecture Development Framework.

Zachman: A Framework for Information Systems Architecture

John Zachman's name is synonymous with Enterprise Architecture Planning. His pioneering work gave the discipline the structure and focus it needed. This article is what started it all. This is a must read to get to how EAP discipline started and ...

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