Executive's Guide to Technology Roadmaps

This is an in-depth introduction to IT Roadmapping for executives - what is an IT Roadmap? why use IT Roadmaps? how to use an IT Roadmap?

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A Roadmap for Planning Process Improvement

This presentation discusses CMMI based process improvement, introduces the IDEAL Model and details the Getting Started Roadmap.

Balanced Scorecard for Strategy Execution

 Why do companies with a well thought through strategic roadmap not reach their destination? "Corporate strategies are intellectually simple; their execution is not. The question is, can you execute? That’s what differentiates one company from anoth...

Case Study - Strategic IT Plan

This in-depth case study illustrates the steps, and deliverables required to create a strategic plan for IT. This IT Strategy project was done by a top tier consulting firm, and can be used as a template to develop an IT Strategy for your organizatio...

Case Study: IT Strategic Roadmap

This case study illustrates the creation of an information technology strategic plan and transformation roadmap. Excellent example for CIOs to follow. (50 pages)

Developing a Capabilities Driven IT Strategy Roadmap

Silos drive an unfocused, inefficient, and ineffective IT investments. The authors make the case for an integrated, strategy driven - capability driven - information technology strategy that aligns business needs - the demand side - with IT capabilit...

How Can IT Enable Business Success?

This excellent presentation by a CIO provides a roadmap for IT success - clear undestanding of business needs, identify IT capability to meet those needs, seek appropriate level of funding for IT, and use IT to deliver business results consistently.

Information Technology (IT) Enterprise Strategy and Roadmap

An it strategy example that can be used to create your own it strategy and roadmap.

Information Technology Strategic and Operational Plan

This strategic and operational plan defines the vision, goals, objectives, strategies and operational plans to support information technology adoption. It provides a roadmap to move the organization from its current capabilities to its vision.

Information Technology Strategic Plan Example

This information technology strategic plan example provides a unique approach to transforming the entire IT organization as it focuses on IT capability and all its component parts to drive IT strategy development and implementation. An excellent app...

Information Technology Transformation Case Study

This report details the steps and deliverables from a top-to-bottom strategic enterprise information technology services transformation. The objective was to transform the IT organization federated to a centralized model - thereby reducing the duplic...

IT Modernization Vision and Strategy

This case study describes the information technology strategy used to modernize a huge government bureaucracy - an excellent example of identifying opportunities along specific areas of an organization or domain and creating a roadmap for change.

IT Strategic Plan Case Study

This information technology strategic plan provides an indepth example of the entire process of creating an IT strategy, and the deliverables and artifacts created at each step. Examples are also provided on deliverables to communicate this IT strate...

IT Strategic Plan Example

This in depth (300+ pages) information technology strategic plan provides a step by step template to creating a complete IT strategy for the enterprise. It covers the three critical ccomponentsof an IT transformation - IT strategy, Business Case driv...

IT Strategic Planning Example

This comprehensive document details the analysis supporting the strategic planning for the IT organization. An excellent example of the things to consider and the process to follow to align business with IT. (70 pages)

IT Strategy and Roadmap Example

This document details the IT Strategy plan and roadmap for an organization. CIOs can use this to understand how to formulate a strategic plan to support business vision, mission, and goals and devise a migration plan and roadmap to implement it.

IT Strategy and Roadmap Example

An it strategy and road map example that can be used to create your own it strategic plan and enterprise architecture roadmap.

IT Strategy Example

This information technology strategic plan provides an example of using IT to support the organization's vision, and create a roadmap to plan IT transformation. The CIO and the business can identify priorities, plan a migration strategy,  and assess ...

IT Strategy Plan Example

This IT Strategy plan is focused on providing a roadmap for the future linking culture, values, mission, and vision of the organization. The goal of the CIO is to create trust through transparent communications, and set expectations instead of spring...

IT Strategy Roadmap Example

This document details the IT roadmap created to align business with IT. The roadmap provides a multi year view of the initiatives, the sequence in which they will be executed, their cost, and business impact. Excellent example for the CIO to use to c...

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