Creating an Agile Enterprise

This presentation provides insights into creating an “agile” enterprise.

This presentation provides insights into creating an “agile” enterprise.

What is an agile enterprise, you ask?
“An organization that senses environmental change and responds efficiently and effectively to that change.”“…achieves competitive advantage by using up-to-date information to progressively remove delays in the management and execution of its critical business processes.”

Here is a competing definition from the author, Michael Hugos:
“An enterprise with organizational structure and business processes that enable efficient use of up-to-date information to both improve existing processes and devise new processes as opportunities or threats arise.”

The bottom line is that the competitive landscape around businesses is continuously changing and if you do not want to feature in the chapter next to the dinosaurs then you need to be flexible to roll with the punches. Are you ready? This presentation might be a good place to start.

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