A Talent Strategy for Outsourcing

 Outsourced services operations face a war for talent that will ultimately determine their competitiveness.

 "Multinational companies operating outsourced services operations in India, China, and other developing countries need to integrate local talent aggressively into their global talent management processes to ensure that key employees are considered for global assignments that could help them develop the skills they will need. Leaders of domestic companies, as well as multinational companies, will need to focus even more attention on managing talent, adapting global practices for recruitment, development, and retention to changing economic and cultural conditions.
Above all, senior business leaders should ensure that they are accelerating the development of the rising generation of professionals – the mid-level managers and team leaders, who are mobile, scarce, and may lack the skills needed to drive results. The success of the outsourced services sector may ultimately lie in the outcome of this generational story."

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