2010 CIO Study - Implications for IT Managers

CIO role is changing - from IT leadership to business leadership. What does all this mean to IT managers? To operations managers, development managers, strategy and architecture leaders? Read On!

"As CIOs focus more on boardroom issues, IT managers are assuming greater response bility for delivering IT innovation, for managing IT operations and for increasing the return on IT investments. IBM produced this white paper to acquaint IT managers with the findings of the IBM Global CIO Study. Its goal is to provide readers with a clear view of the challenges IT is facing and of how today’s most successful CIOs and IT organizations are meeting those challenges. The white paper also details the attributes of visionary CIOs, giving IT managers a path to follow to advance their own careers. Finally, this paper will list significant opportunities for IT managers to aid CIOs in effectively wielding the power of information technology to benefit their entire organization."

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