Lessons From The Outsourcing Wave

Deloitte' report on global offshoring has some valuable lessons for companies. Read the report.

Recently, Deloitte released its “Global Financial Services Offshoring Report 2007.” The focus of this report is on optimizing operations – according to Deloitte the second phase in the “build, optimize, release” offshoring life cycle.

The report is noteworthy in many respects.

  1. It confirms huge cost gains – upwards of 40% for over 50% of the respondents. For some, these savings are 3% of their cost base!
  2. It highlights the fact that, on average, upwards of 6% of staff is now outsourced
  3. It confirms that value creation requires optimized processes irrespective of organizational structure.

The question facing organizations that have embarked on the journey to offshore are still the same:

1) Build versus buy?

2) If the decision is to buy, then how do you ensure optimized processes in this extended organization?

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