What is the American Institute of Management and Information Technology or A.I.M.I.T?

American Institute of Management and Information Technology, or AIMIT, is an affliate of CIO Index. It provides online training and webinars on IT Management topics.

Online Training

Our courses are self paced and are available on demand. Students get access to these courses for 90 days from the date of payment. They can access the courses any time during this period and as many times as they like.

Within this period students must complete the final exam to receive credit for the course.

  • In order to get a certificate of completion one must pass this exam with a score of 80% or higher.
  • To be eligible for the Certified Information Technology Manager (CITM) certification, one must pass the final exam with 90% or better score in each of the core courses.


Periodically, AIMIT also presents webinars - online, live, events - on IT Management topics.

AIMIT is owned and operated by CIO Index.

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