The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Tivoli Software

This whitepaper by Forrester details the Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Tivoli Monitoring and IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager software.

In September 2009, IBM Tivoli commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises may realize by deploying monitoring solutions from IBM Tivoli — the IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) and IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) family of products. IBM offers ITM to help an organization optimize IT infrastructure performance and availability by providing monitoring software to manage operating systems, databases, and servers in distributed and host environments. ITCAM combines IT management capabilities with the monitoring functionality of ITM products, delivering an integrated solution for monitoring and management across the entire enterprise.

This study features a detailed business case illustrating the financial impact of CIB Bank’s experience in implementing ITM and ITCAM. CIB Bank is now the second largest commercial bank in Hungary after its merger with Italy's Intesa Sanpaolo bank in 2007. CIB has over 700,000 customers, an extensive network of 140 branch offices, and over HUF28.2 billion in annual revenue.

While conducting in-depth interviews with CIB Bank about its use of ITM and ITCAM, Forrester found that the organization has achieved the following benefits:

  • Reduction of the number of system outages, leading to reduced business impact from overall outage for the organization.
  • Decreased problem resolution time for events, resulting in productivity savings for server administrators.
  • Improved operational efficiency, leading to reduction of full time equivalent (FTE) headcount.

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