Beyond the Value Chain: A New Framework for Business Modeling

This working paper presents the "Cranfield Enterprise Model:" A framework for business information modeling. 

A new framework for business information modelling has been developed and is presented here: the Cranfield Enterprise Model. It is based loosely upon entity modelling techniques’. It has seven main domains within which specific entities can be located and related to other entities. The domains are:

  • Marketplace
  • Product or Service
  • Procured input
  • Performance
  • Corporate resource
  • (information about) Supporting activities
  • (information about) Value adding activities

In use the new model provides benefits to management (and the business at large) in different ways:

  • helping to develop an inventory of information in use
  • assessing the quality and completeness of information-management
  • showing where there is information that has strategic potential. and
  • providing a structure for the administration of information in a business

Specific illustrations based in manufacturing. retailing and information technology services companies show the different ways in which the new model helps in different kinds of organisation. It has been found that the new model helps to provided rapid results in an area which is traditionally steeped in difficulty.

Note: Dated Material but still relevant

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