Getting serious about Enterprise Architecture

Getting serious about Enterprise Architecture

This presentation describes a real life experience of bringing rigor and formalisms to EA highlighting key areas of gaps and strategies/techniques and tactics to address them.

For years now our industry has recognized the need for understanding and modeling Enterprise Architecture - yet in practice we often approach the problem using methods and tools that are more art than science. As development budgets get tighter architects need robust reproducible and testable, tools, methods and languages - it is time to make architecture exact.

This "300" level deep dive session will describe in detail the application of formalisms to the landscape of Enterprise Architecture looking at introducing testable architectures to the prevalent mechanisms of conceptual and logical architectures through formal grammars such as CDL with real world examples from large SI projects and showing benefits in terms of increased productivity and clear defintions of what is being built is in line with what was supposed to be built.

Speaker : Bhavish Kumar, Deputy Practice Leader, Cognizant Technology Solutions, UK

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