Best Practices in B2B Marketing

This excellent presentation discusses five best practices in business to business marketing including social media marketing.

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Kodak's chief blogger shares their experience with social media marketing - what is social media? how can it help your business? what are social media best practices? Although directed at small businesses, this advice is applicable to the enterprise...

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This whitepaper discusses five best practices for business to business (B2B) marketing.

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It appeared that this industry report is the bible of social media marketing - one could not take a turn on the social media marketing highway and not run into it. Well, it did not disappoint. This is indeed a good tool for the social media marketer...

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The future of convergence is here. If it clicks, marketing will not be the same...

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Are marketers wrong when they claim that customers want advertisements tailored to their interests.

Simple Social Media Strategy Template

This Simple Social Media Strategy Template can be used to create a social media strategy for your business. It uses nine reference points, which are applied to the key stages of a social media strategy - diagnostic, strategy development, implementat...

Social Advertising Best Practices

These best practices are designed to help create a social marketing program that leverages the medium effectively without creating a legal and ethical nightmare for you.

Social Marketing Playbook

This social marketing playbook – called as such because it provides a game plan for social marketers – provides a step-by-step guide to social marketing.

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The Value of Social Media

Social media is important to creating business value - just how important is it? This research paper answers that question. It introduces a "social media ecosystem" framework to help understand what businesses and customers accomplish using social me...

Transactional Messaging: the Next Big Wave in E-mail and Multichannel Marketing

Turning customization into a competitive advantage

Turning customization into a competitive advantage

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Best Practices in B2B Marketing author sourabhhajela



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