Social Media Planning for B2B Companies

This whitepaper aims to serve as a reference and planning tool for B2B Web 2.0/ social media initiatives by answering a simple question: How to leverage Web 2.0?

This whitepaper offers guidance for B2B media executives who must evaluate social media and Web 2.0 initiatives for their companies. It’s designed to be especially useful for executives not familiar with many aspects of Web 2.0, as well as marketers who want to leverage Web 2.0 tactics as part of their campaigns. The whitepaper provides:
- A brief look at research that summarizes current usage and perceptions of Web 2.0 tactics and technologies among ABM member companies
- An analysis of Web 2.0 tactics and technologies that includes descriptions, goals, challenges, barriers, cost levels and examples
- A glossary of Web 2.0 terminology
The extent to which B2B media companies are savvy and knowledgeable about Web 2.0 varies as much as the companies themselves. Companies who produce content and products for technologically-advanced marketplaces, as well as larger B2B media companies, find it many times easier to describe the business benefit and justify the required investment in Web 2.0 technologies. Yet that doesn’t always mean they possess the organizational knowledge to easily evaluate and implement these initiatives. Companies who serve less-savvy marketplaces may not feel competitive pressure to launch new initiatives, yet still desire to understand the technologies to effectively evaluate new revenue and content opportunities. And at the same time, smaller B2B media companies are challenged to understand and afford Web 2.0 initiatives, yet still want to evaluate those same opportunities. A challenging economy, marketplace consolidation, evolving technology, and corner-office mandates to offset technology investments with profits all affect decisions related to Web 2.0.

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