Organizational Models for Information Technology

A quick guide to information technology organizational models - from decentralized to completely centralized - assessed along key criteria such as personnel, and strategic alignment.

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11 Leadership Competencies of the IT Leader

This excellent presentation addresses the issue of IT leadership head on. The theory of leadership may be universally applicable but its customization to the unique situation IT leaders face might make all the difference.

20 Dumb Mistakes Organizations Make

A Primer on Organizational Theory

This presentation provides an excellent compilation of theories on organization and management - a ready source of reference to understand the different perspectives on organization, why it was created, and how to manage it. 

An Emerging Organizational Model for the CIO Role

This paper advances a formal organizational structure in which the typical responsibilities of the CIO position are “re-allocated” to two IS executives – the CIO and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Building a Global IT Organization

This article tackles the issue of building a global IT Organization. CIOs might not find the answer but you will certainly be made aware of the issues - what is the payoff from building a global IT Organization? Are you global "enough"? Well your C...

Building High Performance Teams

Changing the Organizational Culture

CIO Leadership Lessons: 56 Things That Matter

Strategy is an engine-less car. The engine of any organization is its people empowered by a leader. So, work on an IT Strategy but if you want one that will work, read this list of pointers, provided by Tom Peters, to "create a “winning strategy” t...

CIO or IT Product Manager?

Is it about time to change the CIO title? Is it about time the role got redefined?

Connecting across the C-suite

 How do the CEO, CIO and CFO work together to deal with challenges facing their organization? This report compares the findings from "three separate C-suite studies to identify where C-level executives agree – or, equally importantly, diverge – and ...

Consolidate All IT?

Many technology people currently report to a business unit rather than to the corporate IT Department. How do you decide whether to bring them back under direct IT control?

Corporate Performance Management Model

This presentation introduces a Performance Management System Model to align organizational culture, business strategy and employee evaluations.

Creating a Strategically Focused, Tactically Responsive Organization

This presentation provides insights into creating a balance between strategy and tactics – thinking strategically while acting tactically.

Creating an Agile Enterprise

This presentation provides insights into creating an “agile” enterprise.

Designing a Modular IT Organization

 This paper provides an overview of a "modular" design for an IT organization. This design, the author argues, is both cost efficient and effective in creating business value.

Designing the CIO IT Organization

An excellent presentation on the CIO Organization - what are the key functions? what functions make sense for business it alignment? what functions make sense for business value delivery? what are the typical ratios?

Effective IT Organization

 Effective it organization elements - what CIOs, IT Executives and their customers think.

Fearlessness: The Last Organizational Change Strategy

IT Cannot be a Profit Center

Of late, there is a lot of emphasis on IT ROI. While this is commendable, extending this argument to convert the IT Organization into a profit center is taking it to another extreme. For example, are HR, finance, and marketing profit centers? Why no...

IT Organization Sample

This sample IT organization chart can serve as an example to design your own IT organization.

Leadership Tip: Never Underestimate the Organizational Culture

Managing Virtual Teams

This presentation describes a "virtuality" index to measure the degree that a team is virtual. One can use this "virtuality" index to - Identify problematic areas and devise solutions to fix those problems - Identify and manage the impact of vir...

Recognizing Organizational Culture in Managing Change

Structural changes can serve as the initial intervention for shifting culture

Surviving the Matrixed Organization!

If you have been in the business world for a few years you know that a matrixed organization is as real as it is dangerous. How do you get work done with some management guru's sick idea of a revolutionary organizational design?

The Adaptive Organization

 This excellent presentation provides a primer on a "different" type of organization - one that has a "mind" of its own. This "adaptive" organization can sense the changes in its environment and responds to them.

The Future of IT Organization

This paper discusses the changes in structure and roles that are being forced upon the IT Organization by the advent of cloud computing. CIOs must understand the impact of cloud computing on the business but also on the way they go to market - this ...

The IT Organization of the Future

 This paper presents the case for the "thinking" IT Organization that can think on its feet and not just enable value creation but drive it. What does a thinking IT Organization of the future look like?

The Role of Organizational Design in 21st Century Organizations: Capitalizing on Intellectual Property

Will Your IT Organization be Effective in the Future?

IT Organizations of today will not stand the test of time says this study! Will yours?

You and Your Shadow: Remedy for Shadow IT

The HR perspective - as always highlighted by a clear and purposeful lack of insight.

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