Gartner Recommends Key Cost-Cutting Tactics in Data Management and Integration

A recession is upon us. Are you ready?

Gartner provides 10 ways to get lean in preparation of the impending recession.

One has to be delusional or a pathological liar to deny that the US economy is in trouble. 7 years of charging up the credit card has consequences - now how do those tax cuts look? The formula that jacks up $300 billion in "defense" spending to $700+ Billion; magically increases gas prices from $19/Barrel to $110/ the same time cutting taxes requires one thing - other than stupid people who do not pay attention or ignore because it is my guy who is doing the looting - increasing national debt from $5.7 Trillion to $9.8 Trillion. To my knowledge, the debt ceiling has been raised 5 times over the past 7 years. Now, enjoy the recession - with its Bear Sterns and everything else to follow.

Does one have to be chicken little to think that the earth is falling? This is the beginning of the impending demise of the US empire? Well, chicken little, take heart. It is not as bad as it seems. It will get as bad as it is drummed up to be - that is the nature of things. Self fulfilling prophecies do come true. The housing bubble was not a bubble till we saw no other headlines but those screaming about, well you guessed it, "the housing bubble!"

This begs the question: What is a CIO to do about this impending gloom? This one is simple. Remember: if you eat in moderation, then you never have to go on a diet!

For the rest of you, there is always Gartner to the rescue!

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