e-Business Model Approach to e-Strategy

This presentation presents a soup-to-nut discussion on e_business strategy aka e_strategy using an e_business model approach - starting with defining what e_business model approach is!

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7 things a CxO should know about eBusiness

A Business Model Framework to Analyze the Impact of eBusiness on an Existing Business

eBusiness Strategy Issue No 1: What is the place of eBusiness in our business model? This paper presents a framework to address this issue - from should we pursue eBusiness to what will be the impact on our business!

A Business Network Based Framework for e-Business Models

This paper presents a framework to analyze e-business models in a "networked" world i.e. creating a business model that produces value factoring in a business' relationships with others in its value chain.

A Framework to Analyze eBusiness Success or Failure

This (DRAFT) document discusses an innovation driven framework to assess eBusiness models and their chances of success or failure. Despite being dated and a little choppy, it is an excellent read!

A Methodology for Creating e-Business Strategy

An excellent discussion on formulating an eBusiness Strategy for your organization

A Methodology for Developing a Portfolio of e-business Initiatives

 This paper provides a methodology to develop a portfolio of e-Business initiatives.

A Practical Guide to Developing an e-Strategy

An excellent step-by-step guide to creating an eStrategy, based on a real life example. Excellent Read!

A Primer on E-Business Strategy

Dated, but good discussion on developing an eBusiness Strategy

An Ontology for Defining e-Business Models

An excellent presentation on business models - from definition to use in business strategy in an easy to understand way.

Business Model Analysis

 This presentation provides a quick primer on business model analysis.

Business Strategy and e-Business Models

An EXCELLENT presentation on the connection between business strategy and e-Business models. The presentation provides an in depth review of the key business models enabled by the internet and also uses the balanced scorecard to measure e-business p...

Connecting Business Strategy and Business Models

 This presentation makes the connection between business strategy and business models with examples.

Connecting eBusiness Strategy to IT Strategy?

This paper discusses business architecture and how it relates to the levers of competitive advantage. Good Read!

e_Business Strategy

This presentation provides a quick overview of e_business strategy and key e_business models.

e_Business Strategy - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This paper discusses e-Business basics on online customer relationship management (CRM) or eCRM

e_Business Strategy – Electronic Storefronts

 This paper provides basic guidance for small businesses to setup online store fronts to sell online

e_Business Strategy - Globalization, Internationalization & Localization

This paper defines globalization and presents the globalization issues related to e_Business

e_Business Strategy - Part 1

 Definition of key e-business concepts such as e-business, electronic commerce and mobile e-commerce, and the concepts of strategy and value creation. Overview of the phases of evolution of e-Business over the last decade.

e-Business Basics

This paper provides a primer on e-business.

e-Business Case Study: Using e-Business for Competitive Advantage

This paper takes the example of e-Business success at Intel - first 15 days they raked in $1 Billion in sales and the trend continued for each subsequent month for the rest of the year! - to study the competitive advantage e-Business can bring.

e-Business Model Analysis

This presentation provides an in depth discussion on e-business models - what are they and how to use them to generate business value.

e-Business Strategy

eBusiness Strategy Case: Used Book Sellers

This case study shows how used book sellers solved their business problems using a multi-channel strategy.

eBusiness Strategy Case: Used Book Sellers

This case study shows how used book sellers solved their business problems using a multi-channel strategy.

e-business strategy framework

 A framework to develop e-business strategy in three phases - analysis, formulation and implementation.

eBusiness Strategy Sample

This eBusiness Strategy document provides good examples of deliverables - from estrategy to governance

e-Strategies: Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit

The toolkit has been prepared for e-government, however, it can become an invaluable part of your eStrategy process if you focus on the \"big picture\" and not get tangled in the proverbial weeds. Take a macro view to create an analogous toolkit for...

E-Strategy as Corporate Strategy

Is "E" an indispensable part of corporate strategy? Yes. Can you prove it?

eStrategy: Challenging Conventional Wisdom

eStrategy: Changing Course

eStrategy: eBusiness Rainbow and Your Pot of Gold

eStrategy: eBusiness Rainbow and Your Pot of Gold

What does website design have to do with eStrategy? Everything. Read On...

eStrategy: Managing Your Brand Online

Have a proactive brand management strategy to manage your online reputation.

eStrategy: Thinking About eBusiness Models

Do you have a website? Then you must know what your eBusiness model is. Do you?

eStrategy: Thinking About eBusiness Models (Part II)

Part I introduced the concept and importance of eBusiness Models. This article provides further detail on them.

eStrategy: Thinking About eBusiness Models (Part III)

Part I introduced the concept and importance of eBusiness Models. This article provides further detail on them. This article focuses on the transaction based eBusiness model.

Ford’s eBusiness Strategy

Back to the future? Perhaps Ford should have focused on a 100 mile per gallon car strategy!

Formulating an E-Business Strategy

Good discussion on the steps to creating an eBusiness Strategy.

Internet as a Strategic Weapon

Creating barriers to entry or as the authors call it "lock outs" is an invaluable strategic maneuver. Can internet help? Absolutely, argue the authors! Good discussion but this paper is just the beginning.

Sample Digital Information Strategy

Sample Digital Strategy

Sample e-Business Strategy

A good e-Strategy Plan that you can use as a template to create your own.

Strategic Implications of the Internet

This paper discusses implications of the internet on your enterprise strategy - what changed? how does it impact competitive advantage. Good discussion!

Strategy and Internet

"Many have argued that the Internet renders strategy obsolete. In reality, the opposite is true," argues Michael Porter. Read this seminal paper, again, for the very first time!

The Ever Changing Business Model

Using the Internet as a Strategic Tool

Integrated eBusiness Strategy

Web Site Strategy Sample

This document presents a web site strategy for a fictitious company to illustrate the key factors to consider.

Web Site Strategy Template

This Web Site Strategy Template can be used as a framework to create your web strategy.

What is eStrategy?

Definition of eBusiness and eStrategy.

What is e-Strategy?

This excellent presentation provides a crisp definition of e-strategy, and explains the key concepts essential to understanding, and implementing it. A MUST read for CIOs. (100 pages)

Why Michael Porter Is Wrong about the Internet

"The Harvard strategy guru errs when he says partnerships erode competitive advantage, the author contends. Instead, they are now central to business success." Huh?

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