First Hands-Free Console Developed for Urinal Game

First Hands-Free Console Developed for Urinal Game author Webmaster1 On: 11/28/2011 Views: 72



BBC reports that Captive Media has developed a product that fills a gap in the market — a urinal mounted, urine-controlled games console for men that sits above the ceramic urinal bowl, giving a whole new meaning to the word "joystick" and opening up a new world of entertainment. The user is presented with three generous targets to aim for in the urinal: stickers in the unit that read "Start", "Left" and "Right" and the console is able to detect where the urine is falling by means of an infra-red device. The device is fitted to the external console, rather than added to the urinal bowl itself so that that 90% of bowls in the UK are "retrofittable". "We already had a huge amount of interest in the units from bars, pubs, exhibition centers, and retail outlets across the country and overseas--even though we've been trying to keep a lid on it," says Gordon MacSween adding that one interesting side effect of the "pre-trial launch" at a pub in Cambridge is that the toilets became markedly cleaner, as a new premium was set on accuracy. A Starter Pack of games is already available with more in the pipeline and all are custom-built for the unique user interface. "We have learned that games should be 100% intuitive. Chaps never read instructions at the best of times."



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