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WebmasterCase Study - Implementing IT Governance Using the COBIT Framework

This in depth case study details the analysis, implementation, and results in implementing Information Technology Governance (IT Governance) using the Cobit 5 Framework. (100+ pages)

14 hours ago

WebmasterEnterprise Security Framework Adoption Trends (2016)

This survey tracks the adoption of common security frameworks in the enterprise - why do organizations use security frameworks? which security frameworks are preferred? what is the rate of adoption? A good discussion for the CIO to compare their own security framework and strategy.

1 day ago

WebmasterBest Practices in Strategic Planning

This paper presents best practices gleaned from strategy development in companies across industries. An excellent discussion that can help you improve your strategic process and the outcomes it produces. MUST read for every CIO.  (100 pages)

1 day ago

WebmasterIT Strategy Best Practices

This presentation, given by a practitioner, provides invaluable, practical insights gained from experience implementing IT strategy in multiple organizations. Excellent tips and tricks that will be helpful to anyone engaged in IT strategy, especially a CIO whose primary responsibility is business IT alignment. 

1 day ago

WebmasterIT Assessment to Drive an IT Strategy

This comprehensive example demonstrates the process of conducting an IT Assessment and using it to drive a strategic plan for information technology (IT). (100 pages)

1 day ago

John LeitchSuccessful programme manager, deliver nation frameworks architectures and leading it business models

1 day ago

    WebmasterCyber Security Survey (Financial Services) (2016)

    This survey studied the response to cyber security challenges in the financial services industry. The analysis focused on the cyber security preparedness, cyber incidents, and responses to understand how best to prepare against cyber crime.  

    4 days ago

    WebmasterC-Suite Support for Cyber Security Survey (2016)

    This survey explores the disconnect between security professionals and senior managers on cyber security - difference in priority, threat perception, solutions... - and how it can impact enterprise preparedness against cyber threats. This excellent discussion can be of help to CIOs to align their views with those of their security team and get alignment with their peers and the CEO. Excellent discussion!

    4 days ago

    WebmasterCybersecurity Survey (2017)

    This cyber security survey explores emerging trends and how enterprises are addressing them. The results can help a CIO set cyber security priorities, understand solution choices and how to selection one that fits their requirements, and create a plan to manage cyber security in their organization.

    4 days ago

    WebmasterIntegrating ITIL with other Frameworks

    The author discusses the strengths and weaknesses of ITIL with a view to complementing it with other framework and processes for better business outcomes. Why ITIL? Why ITIL may not be enough? What more is needed? How to get it to work with ITIL? CIOs can learn how to use ITIL to create business value. Excellent Discussion! (100 pages)

    1 week ago

    WebmasterIT Strategy Example to Improve IT Effectiveness and Efficiency

    This in depth example illustrates how strategic planning can help improve the returns on information technology investments i.e. create shareholder value using IT. CIOs can use this to learn how to improve IT efficiency and effectiveness and as a template to create an outcome driven IT Strategy for their organization.

    1 week ago

    Sarah Lowistechnology plan

    1 week ago

      WebmasterCIO Survey: IT Priorities and Trends (2016)

      This annual survey of CIOs assesses the road ahead for the IT Organization - what are the priorities and challenges being faced by CIOs. Lots to learn from your peers. 

      1 week ago

      WebmasterComprehensive IT Strategy Example

      This report details an IT Strategy Example that covers all key steps in the strategic planning for information technology - from goals to implementation for all layers of the enterprise architecture. An excellent template for the CIO to use for creating a strategic plan for their IT Organization.

      2 weeks ago

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