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WebmasterCase Study - Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Implementation

This case study explores the implementation of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) with a focus on the value delivered. It discusses the causes of PPM not delivering to its potential and proposes ways to overcome them. Excellent Discussion for the CIO! (100+ pages)

1 week ago

Webmastere-Book: CIO's Guide to Societal Impact of the Net

This e-book explores philosophy, law, policy and economics surrounding the digital tsunami. CIOs can learn how the internet is shaping society so they can create business strategies to both shape it and harness it for value. Excellent Discussion! (600 pages)

1 week ago

Webmaster created the event CIO Survey 2018

CIO Survey 2018

2 weeks ago

WebmasterIT Governance Framework Example

This document presents a model for the governance of Information Technology. CIOs can use this IT Governance framework as an example to implement IT governance in their own organizations.

3 weeks ago

Webmastere-Book - How to Create a Digital Strategy

This is an in-depth discussion on digital disruption and how to leverage it to create value. CIOs can learn how their business is being disrupted and a structured way to harness the opportunities that this is creating. (250 pages)

3 weeks ago

WebmasterSample Strategic Plan for Information Technology

This document presents an IT Strategy Plan developed in support of business goals. It provides a good sample of mission, principles, goals, objectives and expected outcomes. 

3 weeks ago

Webmastere-Book: Implementing the Digital Enterprise

This discussion focuses on the implementation of the digital promise. Excellent resource for the CIO to understand a business driven perspective on digital transformation - what role do they play? (100 pages)

1 month ago

Webmastere-Book: Enterprise Architecture in Context

This discussion explores the evolution of enterprise architecture from modeling the structure of an enterprise to modeling its soul as well. CIOs have been forced to drive EA from an IT perspective but this discussion urges them to factor in organizational dynamic as well. Why? Read On! (350 pages)

1 month ago

Webmastere-Book: Guide to Strategic Information Security Planning

This guide lays out the risks, evaluates their impact, and recommends a step by step approach to securing the enterprise against them. An excellent reference on information security planning for the CIO (115 pages) 

1 month ago

WebmasterInformation Technology Strategic Plan Sample

This document presents an IT Strategy Plan developed in support of organizational transformation. It provides a good sample of vision, mission, principles, goals, objectives and expected outcomes. (40 pages) 

1 month ago

WebmasterIntroduction to Information Security

This presentation provides a basic overview of threats facing organizations and how to deal with them. A very good introduction to basic concepts in information security.

1 month ago

WebmasterCase Study: Leading a Digital Transformation

This case study discusses the implementation of digital strategy as narrated by a CIO. An excellent discussion for his peers who can learn how to navigate the choppy waters of digital transformation. Excellent Read! (100 pages)

1 month ago

WebmasterEnterprise Architecture Governance Sample

This sample illustrates the governance of enterprise architecture planning. CIOs can use this to setup or modify governance practices in their own organization.

1 month ago

WebmasterCase Study - Business IT Alignment Challenges

This case study explores the challenges in aligning IT with business. It gathers the perspective of senior IT leaders in a global organization and structures them so their peers can understand the challenges faced with Business IT Alignment. CIOs can learn from this practical perspective. (100+ pages)

1 month ago

WebmasterBusiness IT Alignment and Service Oriented Architecture

This paper introduces a standards based framework to model business processes and align them with technical requirements. 

1 month ago

Webmastere-Book: Impact of Digital Disruption on Banking

This report discusses how banking industry is evolving driven by the digital wave. An excellent discussion that cuts across industry. (100+ pages)

1 month ago

WebmasterHistory of the CIO Role

This paper discusses the evolution of the CIO role over time and makes a prediction on its focus moving forward. 

1 month ago

Webmastere-Book: Managing Trust in the Cloud

This analysis explores the mechanisms to maintain control over cloud computing. This is a good discussion for the CIO to follow because control is critical to ensuring the delivery of value from cloud computing. (100 pgs)

1 month ago

WebmasterIT Strategy 101

This presentation set provides excellent guidance on information technology strategy (IT Strategy). Excellent read for a CIO to understand strategic planning in context. (450 pages)

1 month ago

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