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WebmasterEnterprise Architecture Assessment For Cloud Migration

This presentation discusses a migration approach to cloud computing using enterprise architecture. Good Discussion!

5 days ago

WebmasterIntroduction to TOGAF 9

This presentation introduces The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Version 9 and discusses how it helps create an enterprise architecture. (60 pages)

5 days ago

WebmasterIntroduction to TOGAF Version 8.1

This presentation provides an introduction to The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Version 8.1. Good background informaiton to understanding the journey of the framework. 

6 days ago

WebmasterCIO Driven Mergers and Acquisitions

This research explores the role of the CIO in mergers and acquisitions. Do they provide Post Merger Integration (PMI) or get engaged in the M&A process up-front? Excellent Discussion! (100+ pages)

2 weeks ago

WebmasterTechnology Strategic Plan Example

This document presents a five year IT strategic plan. CIOs can use this as a template to create the strategy for their IT Organization.

2 weeks ago

WebmasterA Quick Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

This presentation defines enterprise architecture and makes some useful connections with governance and other disciplines.

3 weeks ago

Webmastere-Book: A Guide to Digital Transformation Strategy

This e-book provides invaluable insights, advice, methods, and models to facilitate enterprise digital transformation strategy. A MUST READ for a CIO! (350 pages)

4 weeks ago

WebmasterInformation Technology Strategic Plan Example

This in-depth example illustrates the use of information technology to create business value for the enterprise. Excellent resource for the CIO to follow to create an IT Strategic Plan for their organization. (100+ pages)

4 weeks ago

Webmastere-Book - A Framework for IT Investment Business Cases

This is a framework to create a business case for IT investments with a difference: it factors in intangible assets. Excellent Discussion! (100+ pages)

1 month ago

WebmasterArtificial Intelligence Application in Business: Talent Acquisition

This report discusses the use of artificial intelligence technology in identifying, selecting, and engaging job applicants. Excellent discussion on AI and its use to solve a business problem.

1 month ago

WebmasterHow to Create Business Value Using Artificial Intelligence

This research explores the use of artificial intelligence to create business value for the enterprise. Excellent Read!

1 month ago

WebmasterArtificial Intelligence and Society

This article discusses artificial intelligence and how is it shaping the world around us.

1 month ago

WebmasterPrimer on the TOGAF Framework

This presentation provides an in-depth overview of the key concepts in the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework. An Excellent introduction for CIOs and practitioners. (100+ pages)

1 month ago

WebmasterExecutive's Guide to Technology Roadmaps

This is an in-depth introduction to IT Roadmapping for executives - what is an IT Roadmap? why use IT Roadmaps? how to use an IT Roadmap?

1 month ago

WebmasterCase Study: IT Strategic Roadmap

This case study illustrates the creation of an information technology strategic plan and transformation roadmap. Excellent example for CIOs to follow. (50 pages)

1 month ago

WebmasterCase Study - Analysis for Cloud Outsourcing

<p>This document provides guidance on outsourcing to the cloud. CIOs can learn key elements of the analysis that should go into an outsourced cloud arrangement. (80 pages)</p>

2 months ago

Webmastere-Book: A Framework for the Enterprise Architect Role

<p>This study explores the role of the enterprise architect within the enterprise. An excellent discussion for the CIO to follow. (100 pages)</p>

2 months ago

WebmasterCase Study - Ensuring Accuracy of ITIL Maturity Assessment

<p>This case study explores the accuracy of ITIL maturity self-assessment. This is critical to the success of an ITIL implementation. MUST Read! (100 pages)</p>

2 months ago

WebmasterA Guide to Implementing ITIL with CMMI

<p>This document provides step by step guidance on implementing ITIL with CMMI. Excellent Read! (100 pages)</p>

2 months ago

WebmasterIT Strategy Roadmap Example

<p>This document details the IT roadmap created to align business with IT. The roadmap provides a multi year view of the initiatives, the sequence in which they will be executed, their cost, and business impact. Excellent example for the CIO to use to create a roadmap for their IT organization. (300+ pages)</p>

2 months ago

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