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2 days ago

    WebmasterStrategic Planning Example

    <p>This document details a strategic plan and the planning process used to develop it. Great resource for the CIO to learn the strategic planning process and see it in action. &nbsp;</p>

    1 week ago

    WebmasterIT Strategic Plan Example

    <p>This document details the IT Strategy plan based upon a demand and supply view of business IT alignment. Good discussion on the monitoring and control processes as well.</p>

    1 week ago

    Laura EdensDoDAF and ITIL

    1 week ago

      Webmastere-Book: SMB IT Strategy Guide

      <p>This document provides template based guidance to create a strategic plan for IT for small to mid sized businesses (SMB.) An excellent resource the the CIO who must organize their IT department using a simple tool. (80 pages)</p>

      1 week ago

      WebmasterCIO's Guide to Harnessing the Power of Digital Disruption

      <p>This compendium of papers provides deep insight into the phenomenon of digital disruption and helps the CIO create a strategy to harness its immense power. If you want to immerse yourself in digital disruption and learn how to ride it to your advantage, this is a great place to start. Excellent Discussion!</p>

      2 weeks ago

      WebmasterDigital Disruption and the Future of Business

      <p>This report discusses what lies ahead for business so you can prepare in time to harness the future for competitive advantage. A C-Suite leader has a deep interest in the future - what is happening? what is going to happen? why is it going to happen? how does it change things? how do I ride this wave? CIOs can use this as conversational pieces or help their business leverage them! Excellent Discussion!</p>

      2 weeks ago

      WebmasterAn Open Architecture For Cloud Computing

      <p>This presentation presents an architecture for cloud computing based upon Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Virtualization. Good Discussion for the CIO to understand how to create a dynamic infrastructure built upon the cloud. (50 Pages)</p>

      2 weeks ago

      WebmasterThe Future of IT Organization

      <p>This paper discusses the changes in structure and roles that are being forced upon the IT Organization by the advent of cloud computing. CIOs must understand the impact of cloud computing on the business but also on the way they go to market - this is a good discussion to get you started!</p>

      2 weeks ago

      WebmasterWhat is Strategy?

      <p>This powerpoint presentation provides a quick overview of strategy - what is it? why is it important? how to formulate it? Good overview for the CIO starting out on their journey to create a technology strategy for their organization.</p>

      2 weeks ago

      WebmasterA Framework and Approach to Business Architecture Planning

      <p>This paper presents a framework and approach to create a business architecture. This approach can be adapted for use in your organization.</p>

      3 weeks ago

      WebmasterEnterprise Architecture Pitfalls

      <p>This infographic sums up the common pitfalls that result in the failure of Enterprise Architecture programs. Good, quick, read for CIOs!</p>

      3 weeks ago

      WebmasterPutting Business Architecture to Work

      <p>This white paper discusses how business architecture can help the enterprise with continuous business model innovation and operational efficiencies in response to rapidly changing environmental drivers. The authors contend that business architecture lies at the intersection of three components: strategy, operations, and information technology, so, offers a unique opportunity to create a flexible, living organization that adapts rapidly to change. Good Discussion!</p>

      3 weeks ago

      WebmasterA Framework for Business Architecture

      <p>This paper presents a framework for business architecture modelling. It focuses on modelling business functions and business operations in support of the other &quot;IT focused&quot; layers of enterprise architecture.</p>

      3 weeks ago

      WebmasterAn Enterprise Architecture Driven Framework for Business Model Innovation

      <p>This paper presents an indepth discussion on business model innovation enabled by enterprise architecture planning. CIOs can learn why but how information technology (IT) plays a critical role in business value creation - the foundation of business IT alignment. Excellent Read!</p>

      3 weeks ago

      WebmasterFrom CDO to CEO

      <p>This article tracks the rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role and explores its trajectory moving forward - is the CDO destined for the CEO role? Great discussion on the CDO role and its future.</p>

      4 weeks ago

      WebmasterUnderstanding the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Role

      <p>This research explores the emerging Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role to understand if it is a new fad or a valuable addition to the C-Suite. Very good discussion on the evolution of the role, its responsibilities, reporting structure, career path, challenges it faces, and its journey ahead.&nbsp;</p>

      4 weeks ago

      WebmasterFrom CMO to CDO

      <p>This research discusses emerging trends and makes predictions about the imperative for Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) . The focus is on how marketing is changing under the onslaught of the digital juggernaught. So, is the prediction, &nbsp;&quot;CMO is transforming into CDO&quot;, accurate? Read On!</p>

      4 weeks ago

      WebmasterThe Ideal C-Suite

      <p>This articles discusses the factors driving the emerging C-Suite. New roles are proposed every day but how do they help shareholders? What are the skills needed to power today&#39;s C-Suite? An excellent discussion on the context of the rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and other similar roles being proposed.</p>

      4 weeks ago

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