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WebmasterCase Study - Application Portfolio Management Methodology

<p>This paper presents a framework and process to manage the application portfolio of large corporations. An excellent discussion for the CIO who wants to understand the issues underlying effective management of application portfolios and how to address them. Excellent Read!</p>

9 hours ago

WebmasterIT Strategy Plan Example

<p>This strategic plan provides an example of aligning IT initiatives with enterprise priorities. Good read.</p>

1 day ago

WebmasterCase Study - Business Strategy Alignment with IT Strategy

<p>This case study proposes a framework for business IT alignment and test alignment maturity over time. An excellent resource for CIOs to understand how to align business strategy with IT strategy and assess progress of resulting value delivery. (150 pages)</p>

1 day ago

WebmasterCase Study - Enterprise Architecture Best Practices

<p>This case study explores the challenges in implementing enterprise architecture planning in the enterprise. It explains the critical success factors in making EA implementations successful. Excellent Read! (100 pages)</p>

5 days ago

WebmasterWhat Causes Strategy Execution Gap?

<p>This survey of the C-Suite explores the root causes of strategy execution gap. A good discussion for the CIO to follow!&nbsp;</p>

5 days ago

WebmasterA Framework to Bridge the Strategy Execution Gap

<p>This paper presents a framework to bridge the strategy execution gap. Eliminating this gap can make all the difference between great strategies and great results! Good read!</p>

6 days ago

WebmasterHow to Close the Business IT Alignment Gap?

<p>This paper discusses ways to align business with IT closing the gap that exists between the two. A good discussion for the CIO who wants to understand why business and IT are misaligned and how to fix this.</p>

6 days ago

WebmasterA Framework for Business IT Alignment

<p>This paper presents a framework for business IT Alignment. Using this framework, CIOs can understand the root causes of misalignment and take action to fill these gaps resulting in higher IT ROI. Good Read!&nbsp;</p>

6 days ago

Webmastere-Book - Understanding Technology Powered Disruption

<p>This e-book is about disruption powered by technology innovation. It will help CIOs understand the core concepts of disruption and how to apply them to business. Excellent Read! (150 pages)</p>

1 week ago

WebmasterCIOs Guide to Auditing IT Operations

<p>This is a set of guides to audit various parts of an IT Operation - from management, to systems, and infrastructure. Excellent resource for the CIO to test their IT Shop, identify risks, and devise mitigation strategies. (250 pages)</p>

1 week ago

Webmastere-Book - IT Operations Management Guide

<p>How do you manage day-to-day IT Operations for maximum impact? That is Job No. 1 for a CIO. This e-Book provides guidance for the smooth operation of information technology in support of the business. (100 pages)</p>

1 week ago

Webmastere-Book - Managing the Systems Life Cycle

<p>This e-Book provides guidance on building and/or acquiring and deploying information systems in the enterprise. CIOs can learn about what it takes to manage the systems lifecycle and supporting disciplines such as project and program management, change management, and maintenance. (100 pages)<br />

1 week ago

Webmastere-Book- Managing Outsourcing Relationships

<p>This e-Book presents the key components of an outsourcing strategy. CIOs can learn what, when, where, why, and how to outsource services that produce business value for the enterprise. (100 pages)</p>

1 week ago

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