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WebmasterGuide to Post Merger Integration of Technology Capability

This in-depth report lays the foundation for a meaningful understanding of successful post merger integration of information technology. It explains the issues with technology integration between two companies after a merger or acquisition, why they arise, and how to overcome them. CIOs can use this to create a post merger IT Integration Plan. Excellent Read! (200 pages)

1 week ago

WebmasterEnterprise Architecture for Organizational Flexibility

This paper discusses how Enterprise Architecture can be used to create a flexible organization that can adapt quickly to the changes in its environment - a must not only for growth but also for survival. 

1 week ago

WebmasterIT Governance Template

This simple template provides step by step guidance to create a governance plan. CIOs can adapt it to create an IT Governance plan for their organization. 

1 week ago

WebmasterHow to Turbo Charge Your Strategy?

This presentation explains a framework to turbo charge your strategy - excel at the thing you are best at by investing in what makes the most money and which you love doing over and over again! Excellent read!

1 week ago

WebmasterWhat is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

This paper provides a quick overview of enterprise resource planning (ERP) - what is ERP? why is ERP important? Does ERP enhance business performance? How long does it take to implement ERP in the enterprise? How to fit ERP into current business processes? What is the cost of an ERP implementation? What are the hidden costs? What is the outcome and how to measure it? Why do ERP projects fail? How to organize an ERP implementation for success? Good Discussion!

1 week ago

WebmasterRelationship between PPM, EPM, and ERP

This paper discusses the connection between Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Enterprise Program Management (EPM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


1 week ago

WebmasterWhat is Wrong with Enterprise Architecture?

This paper discusses, in-depth, the root causes for the failure of enterprise architecture planning in organizations. CIOs must read this to understand why their EA initiative is likely to fail if it has not already. Enterprise Architects need to read this to understand how to architect the enterprise for better business outcomes (not pretty charts to plaster walls!). An excellent discussion that can help implement enterprise architecture for effect.

1 week ago

WebmasterStrategic Application Portfolio Management

This paper presents a strategic approach to application portfolio management recognizing the importance of strategy which drives applications and a roadmap that represents the transformation of the application portfolio over time. It discusses key concepts in application portfolio management and why APM is critical to an enterprise' prosperity over time. Excellent Read!

1 week ago

WebmasterDesigning an Application Roadmap

CIO can think of themselves as Software Company CEOs or Product Managers - one hat, there are others of course! Now, with changes in the business environment, internal customers requirements, and the ever increasing pace of technology change, how does your application portfolio keep up? This paper discusses creating an application roadmap that innovates driven by constant change. An excellent discussion for a CIO, and their Enterprise Architect to have!

1 week ago

Subhayu Guptaapplication rationalisation questions

1 week ago

    WebmasterAn Overview of the Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework

    This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework. 

    2 weeks ago

    WebmasterWhat is the Zachman Framework?

    This is concise definition of the Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework. Quick Read!

    2 weeks ago

    WebmasterImplementation Considerations of Enterprise Architecture

    This paper discusses the implementation considerations of enterprise architecture planning. Often, enterprise architecture is undertaken from a modeling perspective overlooking a key question: does this enterprise architecture model support business initiatives? What use is enterprise architecture if it cannot support business initiatives! Good Discussion! 

    2 weeks ago

    WebmasterIntroduction to the Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework V2

    This presentation provides an indepth overview of the Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework V2 (aka Zachman Framework) and compares it to the previous version so practitioners can understand the changes, why they were made, and how to implement them.

    2 weeks ago

    WebmasterEnterprise Architecture For Business Modeling

    This presentation provides an excellent overview of enterprise architecture and frameworks that support enterprise architecture. It discusses the limitations of current EA thinking and frameworks because they cannot be used to model the enterprise and goes on to recommend how enterprise architecture can be extended to model not just IT but the business. Excellent discussion!

    2 weeks ago

    WebmasterIntroduction to The Open Group Framework (TOGAF)

    This presentation provides a quick overview of the Open Group Framework (TOGAF) and its components.

    2 weeks ago

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