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CIOs need timely information to stay current on emerging technologies and business trends. Our CIO News, and Thought-Leader newsletters keep you informed. Our CIO Events provide an interactive forum for the latest in IT management - best practices, case studies, success stories, and evolving thought leadership. Stay ahead of the curve. Always!

CIOs are drowning in an ocean of information with no water to drink:

  • They do not have time to read it all and make up their own minds
  • It is virtually impossible to find this information that is scattered all over the web – in magazines, vendor websites, analyst websites etc. – and not organized or indexed

When looking for technology related information, CIOs most often seeking information on a specific technology topic/product or browsing for news and the latest developments

  • Look for sites that have the expertise to organize and synthesize IT-related information rather than just posting facts
  • Listen to the conversations around them, read comments posted by others, read forum posts, and/or even visit a Wiki

At CIO Index we realize that as an IT Leader your time is of the essence so we have dedicated our time and resources to bring to you:

CIO Desk Reference

Our CIO Desk Reference , the best resource library for CIOs and IT Leaders is a great reference source - categorized and tagged on 350+ IT Management topics with thousands of articles, presentations, documents, tools, templates, case studies, samples, and best practices that will help you make informed decisions. A free learning and research tool for CIO Index members.

CIO Whitepapers

Vendor sponsored whitepapers for Chief Information Officers (CIO) and other senior IT Managers and executives.

CIO ThoughtLeader

What's on your Index? Sign up to receive the ThoughtLeader on one or all items on the CIO's Index. Delivered weekly on each topic, find out the most recent content added to the Desk Reference so you access that which is most relevant to you at a time most convenient to you.

CIO Events

Attend an online event to get plugged into leading edge information and trends in Information Technology (IT) Management . Get practical insights and opinions from experts.

CIO Roundtables

CIO Roundtables provide content driven group discussions in a private, vendor independent setting through our virtual platform

CIO Minute

Get the latest, most relevant information, news through CIO Minute - our daily roundup of tech-related developments and innovations taking place across the industry

All to help you make better and informed IT decisions.

Get Plugged-In

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