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A CIO career demands a high level of technology skills coupled with in-depth business knowledge. A CIO needs to demonstrate strong leadership and managerial skills along with the ability to communicate with the various stakeholders both internal and external.

In order to be effective, a CIO must be able to get buy-in from all stakeholders into his/her vision for the standing and the direction of his IT organization.

The Chief Information Officer role has emerged from one who was only expected to be tech savvy to one who has to also possess the necessary business insights into realizing an organization's objectives.

There has been much debate over the distinction between the roles of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Much of the discussion has been around the evolving role of the CIO. While CIO responsibilities has expanded from the traditional IT Leader to that of a strategist - being able to understand and leverage the overall alignment of business and IT; the CTO role has continued to remain one where the focus is technology itself. In smaller organizations, though, the CIO and CTO roles continue to either be inter-twined or remain the same.

CIO top priorities over the recent few months have focused on the arrival of a new digital era. Cloud Computing, mobility and virtualization seem to be where most of the innovation, modernization and attention has revolved.

As a result the CIO challenges stem from these issues too - the most pressing being cyber-security. It is the CIO's responsibility to ensure that these issues are addressed appropriately so as not to impede the adoption and implementation of items on the CIO's agenda.

For an IT leader who is interested in becoming a CIO or for a CIO interested in keeping his/her job it is important to understand the direction the CIO career has taken over the past few years and will take in the near future. It is not merely enough understand technology and business but also to understand and leverage innovation. In other words, a successful Chief Information Officer will also be the Chief Innovation Officer for the organization.

CIO Career Knowledgebase

CIO Career chapter in the CIO Index Desk Reference is a comprehensive knowledge-base on the topic.

  1. Chief Information Officer (CIO) job description; career path, salary, training, education
  2. What is the evolving role of the CIO? CIO Roles and Responsibilities
  3. How does a Chief Information Officer (CIO) role differ from a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role; Who is the Chief Innovation Officer?
  4. CIO Top priorities and Challenges
  5. The CIO position - how to become a CIO; how to succeed as a CIO 
  6. CIO career management; the path to becoming a CIO
  7. CIO Leadership - team management, talent management; employee engagement

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