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    CIO Survey (2018)

    This annual survey tracks CIO priorities, trends, and opportunities. This year's theme is the evolution of the CIO role into a business leader driving digital transformation. Good discussion.

    History of the CIO Role

    This paper discusses the evolution of the CIO role over time and makes a prediction on its focus moving forward. 

    e-Book: Spiritual Leadership

    This document discusses the role religion and spirituality play in leadership effectiveness. Excellent discussion for the CIO to understand the connection between their personal beliefs and work life. (350 pages)

    e-Book - How to Succeed as an IT Leader

    This e-Book explores the key skills required to lead the IT Organization in the 21st century. Excellent guidance for the CIO. (150+ pages)

    How Can CIOs Add Value to the Business?

    This paper discusses the value the CIO role brings to the enterprise with a couple of case studies. This will help understand the expectations of the role and how to fulfill them. 

    CIOs Guide to Organizational Behavior

    This is an in-depth discussion on human behavior in organizations - what drives people is critical to understanding how to manage them - and group dynamics. CIOs must understand both in order to lead an IT organization that consistently delivers val...

    CIO Job Description Example

    A sample position description describing the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and its responsibilities.

    Sample CIO Job Description

    This sample job description lists the responsibilities of the CIO Role.

    Sample CIO Job Description

    A sample position description describing the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and its responsibilities.

    e-Book - How Leadership Drives Employee Performance

    This research study explores the impact of leadership on employee performance. An excellent discussion for the CIO who must understand how to lead teams that deliver business results. (500 pages)

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