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    Who Needs a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?

    This article quickly makes the case for the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role and discusses how it provides value to the enterprise in this digital age.

    Implementing the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Role

    This article provides a quick discussion on the CDO role - what is a CDO? Why was the CDO role created? What are the responsibilities of the CDO role? How to establish and embed the CDO role? 

    How to Improve Leadership Effectiveness?

    What skills and traits make a leader more effective? What does it mean to be effective? This presentation answers these questions and provides guidance to CIOs on how to lead their teams.

    The Future of IT Organization

    This paper discusses the changes in structure and roles that are being forced upon the IT Organization by the advent of cloud computing. CIOs must understand the impact of cloud computing on the business but also on the way they go to market - this ...

    From CDO to CEO

    This article tracks the rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role and explores its trajectory moving forward - is the CDO destined for the CEO role? Great discussion on the CDO role and its future.

    Understanding the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Role

    This research explores the emerging Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role to understand if it is a new fad or a valuable addition to the C-Suite. Very good discussion on the evolution of the role, its responsibilities, reporting structure, career path, c...

    From CMO to CDO

    This research discusses emerging trends and makes predictions about the imperative for Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) . The focus is on how marketing is changing under the onslaught of the digital juggernaught. So, is the prediction,  "CMO is transf...

    The Ideal C-Suite

    This articles discusses the factors driving the emerging C-Suite. New roles are proposed every day but how do they help shareholders? What are the skills needed to power today's C-Suite? An excellent discussion on the context of the rise of the Chie...

    Is Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Making Chief Information Officer (CIO) Redundant?

    This article discusses the impact of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role on the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role - will the CDO supplant the CIO? Good discussion!

    The Emerging Chief Digital Officer Role

    This paper presents an informed opinion on the rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Role. Specifically, it answers key questions about the role so one can understand the full impact of this role on the organization's journey moving into the digit...

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