Since its inception in the mid to late 70s, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role has evolved with the changing fortunes of the information technology (IT) function they lead.

Over the past three decades, IT has emerged from the back office to rule the world of business. Increasingly, albeit begrudgingly, business leaders recognize the vital role IT plays in creating shareholder value. Simultaneously, they have changed their expectation of the person who manages this strategic asset for them.

Gone are the days of the CIO being thought of as the "Head of IT". Now, a CIO is a business leader managing IT investments for business results.

  • Is this a semantic difference or a fundamental paradigm shift?
  • What are the implications of this change in thinking on the role of the CIO and the required skills for the job?

It is also a well known fact that most CIOs retire - if they are lucky, that is - from this position. Very few have made it to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) ranks and to our knowledge none to the CEO ranks.

In jest, some have commented that the CIO acronym stands for "Career Is Over!" It might sound funny but research on the topic gives us reason to be grim - the average tenure of a CIO is 18-24 months!

  • Is this high turnover a sign of CIOs not able to keep up with the changing expectations of their emerging role?
  • Or, is it a sign of the pervasive confusion of what the role is?

We intend to explore this topic in depth and hope you will join us - after all, you stand to lose nothing but your job!

CIO's Digital Transformation

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CIO Big Data Role

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Changing Role of the CIO Survey (2015)

This survey tracks the changing role of the CIO. 

Emerging Role of the CIO Survey (2016)

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CIO Priorities Survey (2016)

This survey explores the issues CIOs are working on and provides guidance to CIOs on the priorities for their IT Organization by comparing them to their peers from across the globe. 

CIO Survey (2016)

This survey of CIOs uncovers a fundamental change in the CIO role. Digital disruption is in full swing and technology is a strategic weapon to create competitive advantage. So, the CIO is now a business leader transforming the business model through ...

CIO Survey (2013)

This survey of CIOs focuses on the changing requirements for the CIO role - multiple functional expertise is becoming a requirement giving CIOs sleepless nights! Building bridges with the business, especially the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a mu...

The Innovative CIO - How IT Leaders Can Drive Business Value

This paper discusses the role a CIO can play in driving business value through innovation - the single best way to get a seat at the table. As the demand grows for the CIO to become business leaders so does the need for a CIO to understand what is me...

What a CEO Wants from Their CIO?

This presentation discusses the evolving role of the CIO - from head of the IT function to a business leader, the journey has taken many twists, and turns - , how the CIO role is being shaped by the CEO's requirements, and what is the current CIO Rol...
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