Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This section covers Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in depth. Specifically, we focus on:

►The definition of SOA   ►SOA and Enterprise Architecture Planning – making the business value connection  ►SOA and Business Process Management – making the process connection

►SOA and IT Governance – making SOA monitoring and control connection  ►SOA Best Practices  ►SOA News: The latest in the world of SOA

e-Book - Executive's Guide to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This e-book focuses on creating business value using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The core premise is that SOA is an irreplaceable tool for Business and IT Alignment. Excellent Read! (250+ pages)

e-Book - Implementing SOA in the Enterprise

This e-book explains how to implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the enterprise - what to expect and how to overcome obstacles. Excellent resource for the CIO who wants to create business value using SOA. (100 pages)

e-Book: A Framework for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Tool Comparison and Selection

This in-depth document discusses Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and introduces a framework to compare, evaluate, and select a tool for EAI. Excellent Discussion! (100 pages)

Case Study: Integrating Enterprise Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture and IT Service Management

This research paper describes the implementation of a standardized set of IT services and integrating their use through business processes resulted in lowering cost and improving business agility. The researchers integrated enterprise architecture, ...

A Foundation for the Collaborative, Innovative Enterprise

This paper shows that an architectural foundation for unified communications also allows IT managers to consider a flexible, synergistic approach that can draw from the advantages of both on-premise and on-demand resource deployment models.

Higher Return on SOA Infrastucture Investment

This whitepaper discusses recommendations for consolidation and virtualization, the development of a blueprint for an optimal SOA infrastructure architecture, and also shows how to access untapped potential in and get more value from existing IT inve...

Using DODAF for Service Oriented Architectures

This paper provides a brief overview of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and explains how to use Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) to describe a SOA.

Creating a Service-Oriented Enterprise Using a Model-Driven Approach

This article provides a guideline based on real-world experience to create a service-oriented enterprise, using a model-driven approach, where IT is considered an integral part of business not a separate entity that needs to be aligned with business.

SOA and Business Rules

This presentation describes the practical application of service oriented architecture (SOA) and business rules to solve a real world problem.

SOA and Interoperability

This presentation describes the process used to create interoperability policies and standards through service oriented architecture (SOA). EU interoperability framework was extended - "service design principles were used to generate a set of policie...
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